transfer from Australian defence force to British army!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by downunder, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi lads this is my first post so bear with me:

    Dose anyone have any info or possibilities on transfering from the Australian army to the British army/RAF reg:

    All info would be great
  2. Check out your PMs mate.
  3. Are you insane?? 8O
  4. Out of interest, and not to take the pi$$, why? What do we offer that the Aussie Army doesn't :?:
  5. Boots that don't destroy soldiers feet for one thing
  6. An Army 10 times the size and capability.
    An Army capable of undertaking more than ultra low intensive ops. (east timor has been the largest op since Vietnam with a relatively low threat level.
    An Army where variety is considerably greater than in the Aus Army (not through intent but there is only so much variety you can gain in a small Army. Ask a NZ soldier)
    For a single soldier/Offr more active operational service than you get in the Aus Army.
    The Brit Govt, for all their faults have always been ready to use the Army as an extension to Foreign policy. Post Vietnam the current Aust govt are only just coming around to discovering this.
    Although Aust Army are deployed to such places as Iraq and Afganistan (excepting SAS) they are deployed in lower risk duties than US/UK troops. It is wonderful that Australias casualty rate from Iraq is zero dead and very few wounded (mostly non battle cas.) But this does reflect the role they undertake. Howard is the cleverest of the PMs/Presidents, all the limelight at lowest possible risk.
    The bulk of the Aussie Army is based permanently in Darwin/ Townsville and Brisbane (smaller amounts in other cities.) There are no permanent OS bases any more. Booring as bat shite.

    Opportunity is the name of the game.
  7. Sounds great to me - and you get citizenship afterwards.

    Where do I sign?
  8. Birdie, we can also offer monumental proportions of bullshæt. With the opportunity to kow-tow to your first RO, whilst simultaneously stabbing your equals in the back, and trampling on your juniors, the combat scenarios are superb! :lol:
  9. And you don't think that doesn't go on in the Australian Army as well?
  10. I'm up for a swap if you like ?
  11. Do you think anyone would notice if we swapped with each other?
  12. Our new friend Downunder seems to have disappeared. I PM'd him and ...nothing.

    Changing between Aus and Brit Armies is relatively straight forward but it does take time and requires a certain amount of research.
  13. Slate me up as another aussie interested in heading for wetter climates!

    Thinking about coming across as a sparky in the RE. Anyone here had any experience in making the jump? Is the 5 years residency compulsory?
  14. now thats a fact! i second that one.