I am currently in the aussie army and am wishing to transfer to the british army...i grew up in the UK, moving to Oz when my father did the lateral transfer in 2002. Have been unable to find any info on this on the net, this seemed to be the best place to find out. Currently a LT within Artillery, but am possibly looking at a transfer to infantry, namely 1 royal scots as my family are located in Edinburgh. Once again I do not know if this is a possibility.

Graduated officer training a year ago, however i am looking at transferring at the end of 2011/middle to end of 2012.

Would i have to attend Sandhurst given that i have a commission over here in Oz?

Have noticed that everyone seems to want to come over to Australia, surely i am not the only person who wishes to go the other way!

Any thoughts and info would be appreciated.



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Are you mad? Why would you want to come over here to screwed over and screwed up Britain? (I would have put Great Britain, but I fear we have lost the Greatness we once had)

BTW 1st Battalion the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) is now 1st Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (Royal Scots Borderers)
Haha...I understand the weather is shocking over there...I grew up in Wiltshire, moved to Aus in 2002 when my father laterally transferred. Went back over xmas and new year for the first time since leaving and thought screw this I want to move back.

There appears to be so much more opportunity in the British Army than what we have over here. Fair point the lifestyle is better here as well as the pay and conditions (particularly on deployment) but at my age i'm after experience and opportunity, the lifestyle i'm happy to wait for when i'm old!

I am currently in the Para Artillery Battery over here so would also consider remaining in artillery and potentially going to 7 para RHA but I would prefer to live close to family so either 1 or 2 Royal Scots does appeal to me, i know i'd have to do the PL COMD course (as i'd be changing corps as well as army).

Does anyone know where to start?
Good on ya smudge...real winner mate
You cant transfer direct i dont think. You have to leave the Aussie Army and then join the Brit one but dont think for a minute that they will reserve or guarantee you a place! They also wont pay your air fare, its down to you!

You are not alone in wanting to transfer. I am also looking at it very seriously at the moment.

The High Commission is getting back to me regarding availabilities within the Brits. WO1 Jordan is the man you need to speak to at the High Commission.

PM for his direct number in Canberra.

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