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I've tried making an account on E-Goat but can't get past the registration. The site uses the reCaptcha V1 which I think is now expired. Can't make an account
I'm a member on E-Goat - i'll ask the mods about the registration issue you are having and see if they can help. However, you have already been give the best advice here, get onto the AFCO and/or Trade reselection etc.

Driver - mostly civvy in RAF too with mil doing the overseas stuff (not sure how that will fit with your dodgy knee.)

HR - decent choice, get some decent quals and same pay as techies!

Survival Equipment Fitter - someones got to do it.
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Afternoon all,

I've seen there's a fair few threads on transferring from the Army to the RAF however none of them are fairly recent and with things changing every 5 mins in the armed forces I'm not sure how up to date the info is.

As the title suggests, I'm looking at transferring from the Army to the RAF. More than likely RAF Driver. I am currently serving with a combat unit, but within the MT Troop. I've been in the army since 2009. I am MLD for a dodgy knee so I am deployable. As a result of my MLD status I am very unlikely to go back into a fighting Squardon/troop within my regiment. I have already spent most of my career within MT with my regiment however there is only so far I can go. I cannot make a career out of MT within a teeth arm unit. To a certain extent it is a career stopper. Therefore I'm looking at a transfer. I was thinking of RLC originally but I am very keen on something a little different so now looking at the RAF.

I am hearing conflicting things about a transfer to the RAF. Some say I have to leave the army altogether and reenlist into the RAF where as others day I can just simply transfer. Can anyone shed any light on this? Will I have to do Phase 1/2 again for the RAF at Honnington?

Many Thanks All,

Speak to your RCMO. He will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have, rather than asking a bunch of civvies/has beens/winos/soldiers
RAF drill is different.
I believe that RAF personell can now elect to serve until 65, There will be t & c attached to that.
Just a few things worth checking, along with FTRS, which can supplement your pension quite nicely.
Good luck.
AAC use RAF Survival Eqpt Fitters.

Best advice above is broaden your horizons a bit out from MTD.

The MLD might be an issue - any way up?

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