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Transfer from Army to RAF


Afternoon all,

I've seen there's a fair few threads on transferring from the Army to the RAF however none of them are fairly recent and with things changing every 5 mins in the armed forces I'm not sure how up to date the info is.

As the title suggests, I'm looking at transferring from the Army to the RAF. More than likely RAF Driver. I am currently serving with a combat unit, but within the MT Troop. I've been in the army since 2009. I am MLD for a dodgy knee so I am deployable. As a result of my MLD status I am very unlikely to go back into a fighting Squardon/troop within my regiment. I have already spent most of my career within MT with my regiment however there is only so far I can go. I cannot make a career out of MT within a teeth arm unit. To a certain extent it is a career stopper. Therefore I'm looking at a transfer. I was thinking of RLC originally but I am very keen on something a little different so now looking at the RAF.

I am hearing conflicting things about a transfer to the RAF. Some say I have to leave the army altogether and reenlist into the RAF where as others day I can just simply transfer. Can anyone shed any light on this? Will I have to do Phase 1/2 again for the RAF at Honnington?

Many Thanks All,

It was dead mans shoes for promotion in the RAF MTD years back, with serco running MT in a lot of places it must be even worse, plus if your on the biff are you likely to get RAF.
My time was waaaay back in the seventies so someone else will hopefully give you some useful information here.

I live in West London and there were several RAF bases not far from me although most of them have gone now. I have in the past had several friends who were serving RAF personnel.

I just wanted to mention that you said you are hoping for some career advancement. The RAF from what I've heard, is a place where you have to wait for someone to either retire or die before a promotion becomes possible.

In fact I knew one serving RAF corporal who having spent years at what was RAF West Drayton, transferred across into the REME and joined an army unit at Windsor straight into the rank of sergeant and within just a few years was a WO2.

You might want to have a look around the army before you make a definite decision.

Edit: I see br9mp812 said something similar while I was typing this.
You certainly won't have to do Honington as only the RAF Regt train there. Depending on your exact profile you might not do any trg at all - might just be kit and post if you are going from one trade to the same trade. Halton is where it will take place.

I think they do make you resign and re-enlist, but iirc it happens on the same day.

You should probably do one of 2 things. Easiest is speak to RAF at an AFCO who should be able to detail the process. Or, using a bit more initiative, speak to an RAF SNCO within a MT section. They can put you in touch with the MT trade sponsor - who is likely to be the one who says 'retrain' or 'kit and post'.


Had a dig about as I had a guy on my Squadron who, if memory serves me right, transferred straight across from the REME, seems that is still possible.

RAF Recruitment | Ex-Regular Re-Entry and Inter-Service Transfer

The bit relevant to you OP ..

You will firstly need to apply through your Chain of Command/Unit Admin Office to transfer before making an application and the transfer request is completed via single service manning authorities in the first instance. The forms required are Army form is AFB 241 and RN/RM form is BR3 P7. Your Chain of Command can give an earliest release date on the application if you have commitments that would prevent transfer in the immediate future.
If accepted by the RAF you will receive an Authority to Transfer letter and can then register and apply for your chosen role by following this link.

You must meet all eligibility criteria; however waivers may be appropriate in some cases. Training requirements will be determined on a case by case basis taking into account previous experience, rank, pay and service to date.
You are unlikely to undertake full basic training and will instead complete a Kit & Post package of up to 10 working days. You will find out the requirements and service being offered at the start of the process.

All transfers are required to complete the recruitment process with your nominated AFCO. For further enquiries please contact:
Get onto Dii/MODNet, go to MOD Links>Royal Air Force>Manning>Trade Reselection

The Trade Reselection SNCO's phone number is in the middle of the page. He administers all the transfer requests.

Good luck with your chosen course of action.

Mr Happy

If you're career topped out as a driver in an infantry bn, I cannot see that being a driver of anything other than a plane in the RAF is going to offer that much more. The RLC would be my suggestion, but I know very little and forget a bit more every day...
TBH, keep quiet about staying a driver,why not see what else is on offer as aways keep one eye on the exit door just looking at the RAF career site will give you a idea of trades that need filling


TBH, keep quiet about staying a driver,why not see what else is on offer as aways keep one eye on the exit door just looking at the RAF career site will give you a idea of trades that need filling

I have been eyeing up the Weapons Technician or Survival Equipment Fitter. Something a little different in my career
What about looking at signals platoon in your battalion or medic or something else ancillary to being in a rifle company? Both sigs and and medic would give you opportunities post service in civvy street and that may well be true of other roles in your battalion. Plus while you are still in, there may be better promotion prospects.

All without the rigmarole of transferring inter service.

Motor Transport Driver.

To answer your questions, you should not have to do Phase 1 and especially 2 which is common across all services. However, I would not recommend MTD as privatisation is enormously reducing career opportunities.

Therefore, I’d research alternatives. In particular, I’d ask the Career Manager about ‘pinch-point’ trades and see if any of those appeal (assuming you have the educational quals). Intelligence is a perennial area of demand with significant opportunities and variety.

However, if you have a dodgy knee, this may be an obstacle for any transfer. Therefore, I’d recommend an RAF medical assessment prior to pulling the plug on the Pongos.

Best of luck either way.



Evening all.

So done a little digging and done some research and have decided on 3 trades I'm looking at in the RAF.

Survival Equipment Fitter

Now I know ultimately it's my decision but a little outside perspective doesn't hurt anyone. What are people's thoughts or opinions of these 3 trades?

Thanks everyone.


You're better off asking on e-goat E-Goat :: The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network forums - E-Goat Home or pprune mil. Driver and HR have nearly the same jobs as in the Army. At the end of the day, driving is driving and clerking is clerking, the difference will be the RAF ethos as opposed to the Army ethos, neither is better or worse, just different and suit the individual services. Not sure if AAC have a Survival Equipment trade to compare the RAF one to.


I've tried making an account on E-Goat but can't get past the registration. The site uses the reCaptcha V1 which I think is now expired. Can't make an account

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