Transfer From Army to RAF PTI

What steps would have to be taken to transfer to the RAF? I'm considering Army PTI course if it would make any difference to a possible transfer? I'm no machine by any stretch but still get sub 9 minute BPFA, 55-60 push ups and 75-80 sit-ups. Apart from the obvious piss-taking, any advice?!
Haha, fair one, but seriously, getting fed up with my unit at the moment. Rules when rules suit, when its fine to cover two pagers but as soon as you need off duty for courses(Even promotion courses) you duly get told to ram it!! Also, I'd like to wear hair gel and trainers to work and more wafs to ogle at than in my unit :D
I would have thought that the first thing you need to do is to contact the RAF School of PT at Cosford and find out what their entry requirements are. It used to be that you had to play at least one sport to county standard or above and other little hoops you had to jump through.

It was always a heavily oversubcribed trade as you got to spend all day in shorts and play sport all the time.....

Speak to the school and they will set you on the right track.
Represented Scotland under 19's a few years back at American Football and played football at regimental level, would that suffice? Also, would doing the army PTI course make much of a difference? Any links for the PT School at cosford? Cheers Infiltrator!
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