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Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Oct 4, 2005.

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  1. Went to the transfer fayre today!!!!

    It was very interesting, but very un-nerving.

    Im thinking about re-trading so went along with an open mind. But after ear-wigging a few conversations heard one or two complaints it set me off thinking.

    If people in other corps think its shit, and I think my own corps aint particularly good, what the hell am I gonna do.

    Another concern of mine is why the hell are there so many people like myself wanting to get out of the Dvr trade and into somthing else.

    I cant be the only one with a negative view , am I the only one who feels this way.

    People say I should be more positive. Sorry to dispell any myths or rumours but im not the only one who can see the RLC for what it is.

    Feel free to comment even if you are an AT :)
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I think everyone gets thredders with it at some point, but things do pick up again.

    Do you really want to transfer Corps? Are there any other areas of the RLC that appeal to you? Identifying what it is you are unhappy about, then talking to your RCMO may ease the problem. Be proactive at work, take the initiative and strive to over come problems. OK, so I know I'm sounding like the DS answer, but sometimes it's better the Devil you know and the grass is always greener on the other side until you get there and step in a turd again.

    Of course the final option is civvy street. Do you really want that now?
  3. JBB What is it you want to do? If you want to abseil down buildings, probably not in the right trade - but only you can decide what is gon to flick your switches. Are you susprised that people you met at the TRANSFER FAYRE thought their own Corps was crap? They are, after all, trying to leave it!!

    Perhaps you should talk to people in trades that interest you and make an informed choice form there.
  4. GM, I know where you are coming from on staying within the corps,But, I dont think the RLC has anything to offer me, no, im pretty sure the RLC has nothing to offer me.
    Rad Op...................... nah! Get slated for no comms.
    Postie........................ nah! Get slated for no mail.
    Chef.......................... nah! Get slated for sh*t food.
    Mover........................ nah! Get slated for flights being delayed.
    Driver........................ nah! Get slated for being thick.
    Supplier con/spec....... nah! Get slated for not being able to supply.
    Pet Op....................... nah! Get slated for stinking of diesel.
    Ammo Tech............... nah! Get slated for being young and promoted too quickly.

    I could go on but have realised that getting slated isnt a reason not to stay in the Corps,
    you see its just that I cant see me enjoying any of the trades in the RLC and now thats whats more important to me than anything. At one time promotion was the main thing for me but now I would rather enjoy what im doing as opposed to trying to impress.

    I have other lines of enquiry that im going to follow and see what they have to offer.

  5. Don't let the door hit you on the way out................ try another Corps/Regiment/Civvy Strasse. With such a negative attitude you should be working somewhere else.

  6. BD tell me something positive about our corps!
    Maybe you are one of the young SNCOs thats been in ten minutes and knows nothing else but the RLC and thinks its the dogs wotsits.
    Or are you going to prove me wrong and tell me you remember the RAOC!!!!

  7. What does it matter how long I've been in and/or whether I was a member of the forming Corps? And why should I write something positive about the Corps? I never said it was all sh*ts and giggles.....

    The RLC has lots of opportunities and awesome jobs if you look hard enough. But the word is LOOK - something you're obviously not doing (or perhaps your Bosses have noticed your negative attitude and are now concentrating on those who want to be in the RLC).

    As written in my earlier post - Why don't you just transfer to another Corps/Regiment? Or, if you're not happy - sign off and join Civvy Strasse AND STOP BEING NEGATIVE, because it's really boring.

  8. You clearly enjoy pretending to be something you are not:

    Rant One!

    If you are an enlisted man, why do you keep talking as if you are more senior?

    Another crazy rant...

    You like adventure training and regret not going on AT courses...

    One minute you love the RLC, next you are attending transfer fairs or writing articles about what you hate about the RLC.

    Put it this way, if you came to transfer to my trade we would not have you with your attitude anyway!

    Get out fella, we dont want your sort anyway!
  9. It's a bit of a dilemma, that one.... I was at the transfer fayre as well, and once the glory boys like the SBS and Commandos had had their two (fifty) pence worth, Things had to be rushed on a bit, so the trades I really wanted to hear about had less of an impact on me. I've been told I have to transfer, and was hoping for a bit of guidance when I got there, but I'm now more disillusioned than ever. If there's one thing that's certain, it's that I definitely want to leave the RLC, which has the biggest identity crisis of any corps going. It seems they just want to make their own little piece of history by shouting louder (stand up, 6 Sup Reg) and not by doing anything worthwhile to influence people to stay in their jobs and enjoy it.
  10. what are you trying to transfer to?

    PM me if you need to chat; I am (errr) involved in such things!
  11. I've got REME (Tech Storeman), AGC (SPS), RAMC or Int Corps in mind. It's hard to commit to a trade and declare your passion for the job when you've been forced out of the job you enjoyed for ten years on medical grounds. Basically I have strengths in Administration, and enjoy working with computers, but how do you single out one trade so easily when the only thing you're interested in is staying in the army at all costs?
  12. hellfyyr, woul like to elaborate on the comment ........
    "You clearly enjoy pretending to be something you are not:

    Rant One!"
    What am I trying to be?
  13. You're trying to be boring........... and succeeding. In fact you're just.... trying.

  14. Well Well Well another disatisfied member who Remembers the good old days of the RAOC not knocking the old Corp but have always been RLC and i like it as for ten minute SNCOs i have been in twelve years and consider i have worked hard for my stripes If you dont like it you know where the EXIT IS
  15. Please may I commend to you all those little buttons on your keyboard with dots, arrows, swirls & strange little lines? You'll find them just up-a-bit and right from the space bar. They make reading prose so much easier. :wink: