Transfer downunder ?

My missus ( bless her ) has this rediculas notion of going to Australia or New Zealand to live after she qualifies as a nurse

Now this is possibly a phase bought on by those stupid tv progs she watches but just in case its not.....

Has anyone ever heard / known of anyone who has got themselves tranferred / attached to the Oz / NZ reserves ?

I did know of a NZ girly who was attached to the TA some time ago , and I have looked at the relevant websites , it appears to depend on civilian immigration status

Anyone ?
I know one person who transferred to the NZ Army a while back, and 2 others who have been accepted and will be moving later this year. If you want to get in touch with either of the 2 who are currently in UK then PM me with some details. Both are good guys and will tell you about the process.


Edited to add - Sorry - I've only just seen you're talking about the reserves. All three of the guys I mention above are regulars, so their experience probably isn't relevant.
Try contacting one of the relevant units down under and see if they can help.

Also remember google is your friend.
Polar, i am currently living and working in NZ, but have applied for residency in OZ, Nurses are a very much welcome in any country so the visa if she goes for it will be a doddle to get.

As for the forces side of things i dont forsee that being an issue, especially when its for the reserves. Your best bet would be to contact the embassys and ask them about it. as they will have all this information at hand. They are quite helpfull
You don't actually transfer between Army's. In fact you will have to retire from the TAs and on arriving in Aust apply to join and go through the process. I strongly suggest you write to the Australian Army Reserves (their TA) and a lot of the planning can be gotten out of the way before hand.

However the whole thing is not as straight forward as you might think.

Yes most states in Aus have a nurse shortage and recognise UK Nursing quals. However for you the Reserve job alone will not be seen as justifying granting a Visa and they will insist you find full time work.

Seriously there are so many variables and choices of Visa I strongly suggest you and your missus contact Australia House on the Strand in London and arrange a meeting with an immigration person. While you are there pick up a copy of a locally produced Aussie Immigration newspaper they have there. It is full of interesting stuff on cost of living, places to live, etc.

I wouldn't waste any time at this stage contacting units directly as they will only direct you to immigration.

In summary. Get to Aust House in London, get on Google and search Australia Immigration, search for nursing vacancies by State as they are employed by State governments not Federal, check out Australian Army Recruiting.

If you are serious PM me and I can give you more detailed info.
You need to be a citizen or applying for citizenship to join the Australian Army Reserve. At least according to an Aussie SMIG I met a couple of years back.
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