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I dont want to come over bitter and twisted, and i genuinely am not, however i am concerned that a month after being told i was unsuccessfull in my attempt to transfer to the AMS i have not received any real feedback as to why.

I sat the radiographer board and received the news as a message via an email to tell me, unlucky you are to green and military, "not fluffy enough" were the exact words used by my RAOWO.

I can handle the rejection, thats life, however for a corps and in particular a CEG which is so undermanned i would have expected a little bit of realistic and personal decrit from the AMS.

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It's dissappointing the Board cannot supply a mini-report on your positives and negatives so you could at least investigate how to improve should the urge to transfer come again. (Reading the post above, I dont think that would be an option)
Headof CEG answered an email for me and gave me the low down on where I was unsuccessfull. It was pretty much as I had expected and I was given some advice and told how and where I could possibly improve....... however I am getting a bit long in the tooth for all this mallarkey and I think I am gonna stay where I am blowing s**t up.......

still I thought seeing as I was unsuccessfull in one CEG that the AMS might try to poach me for something else, I know the Artillery would.....

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Its a sad world out there nowadays, even the army is becoming more like the great governmental institutes like the fire brigade and police service in that once they have you, they have you, so why move you out of an area they have trained you up in and invested time and money to do so when they can attract some freshed faced civvy in to fill the post you wanted!

Sadly because the AMS is so competive they have the luxury of turning around and choosing the 19 other applicants for the same postion. It has always been hard for trade transfers to get into the AMS especially in professionally qualifed roles such as nurse's ODP's and radiographers. The sad thing is they have you and the crux of the matter is they want fresh faced civvies with A-levels and degrees nowadays to fill these training slots.

If your still adamant and not to dis heartened by getting the big foxtrot oscar from the AMS then consider going for your student nurse training. There are more places available for a start but you will still face the same problem of being a trade transfer although luckily its a little more forgiving.

My advice, stick with it for now if you do want to try and transfer again be better prepared, as for the shite about not being fluffy - no bluff to tough. I did it on the interviews am ex infantry, sniper and recce trained! Get yourself into the med center and get some hands on practice and if you do want to shed that long range sniper / drop short image then do some voluntry work, prove you can be all pink and fluffy and you will stand out from the crowd! Alright sounds gay but it might just give you the edge you need!

Its going to be hard going transfering and its going to take time look at around a year if not longer to be nurse use your time wisely and you will be better prepared and much more employable not to mention looking a better candidate than the other trade transfers. Remember time spent on recce is time seldomn wasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope this helps and good luck for the future!

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