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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by CivPlod, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone have a definative answer as to whether or not a branch/trade trained RNR/RAUXAF/TA bod can transfer between the services and go straight to phase 2?

    Had a reply from JD150 who says that your senoirity transfers with you when you transfer, but looking for a quote of/link to the regs as to whether or not you transfer straight to trade training etc?
  2. Who are you transferring from and who are you transferring too?
  3. wanting to transfer from RNR to TA RMP, getting a different answer from the PSAO who says I transfer to phase 2 and the PSI who says I have to do the whole prog.

    Having read this:

    TA Phase1 Training - ARRSEpedia

    it would seem like a complete waste of time, as I can do all of it (bar the 300m shoot, we only shoot 25m. However I am assured that its a one weekend job to get up to scratch)
  4. I too scoped out a transfer from RAuxAF to TA RMP and was told I would hold my rank for 2 years and have to retrade only (no phase 1 training). However, I believe its on a case by case basis and I've been in for 10 years, have deployed before on ops etc etc. I believe there is a DIN about this somewhere.

    In my case it was the PSAO who gave me this info. I hope it's not at the same unit you're referring to as my aspirations may be scuppered if the PSI has anything to do with it!

    I also considered a transfer from RAuxAF to RNR but was told by the AFCO to resign, come out, rejoin as a recruit and complete everything from scratch! Not appealling I'm afraid hence why I'm looking at the TA (still to decide where I want to go though....)
  5. would like to see that DIN if its out there; spoke to a RSM today(who helps out with a certain course we run) about this. He's under the impression that I wouldnt have to do phase 1 again...........still until I see it in black and white or on the screen I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I recently looked into transfering from TA infantry to RAuxaAF ,told them I was para trained,PTI and sigs trained and was working at a RTC as a instructor however was told they did not care what quals I had I would still have to start basic from scratch not a problem really but I did think it would be a bit of a waste of time and resourses.
  7. I know in my Sqn we've had people move backwards and forwards between us and the TA with no problem. It is however a directly transferrable trade existing both in the RAuxAF and the TA and it's a tri-service trade training course (there were TA on mine). I think the issue here is the correlation between TA Inf and RAuxAF Regt and I believe the training to be totally different hence the 'start from scratch' approach.

    I am assuming it's Regt you want to go to?
  8. Which TA RMP unit?
  9. Again, not the difinitive answer you are looking for, but when I went from TA to RAuxAF I kept my rank and seniority, but they made me do a RAF Cpls course as part of my "this is how the air force is different to the army" so I would start thinking light blue. I then did phase two with them

    As a general rule, when we recruit transferees and ex-regulars, if they have a gap in service of less than 3 years they go straight onto phase two training. As far as rank is concerned, depending on what their previous trade was and vacancies in our unit, they may be required to drop a rank.

    But all this is on a case by case basis and can be negotiated by the OC, SO2 Int Reserves and Reserve Forces Manning at High Wycombe
  10. Yeah it was Regt I looked into,I served as a regular Rock Ape in the 90s but that didnt even swing it when I told them.To try and simplify I explained I was in a position at the moment where I was training recruits and I would literally finish that one week and have to start as said recruit the next.Rules is rules I was told.
  11. jerry can, see pm
  12. The following references may be of use when transferring from RM/RN:

    BR 8748 – Terms of Service for RN Ratings and RM Other Ranks
    BR 689 – Recruiting Instructions for the Naval Service, Section 10, Chapter 11 – Transfer from the RN/RM/Army/RAF

    Or from the RAF see:

    AP3391, Vol 3, Lflt 215 – Candidates with Previous/Current Service
    AP3392, Vol 2, Lflt 707 – Transfer to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or the Army.

    If transferring from the Army to another Service see:

    Queen’s Regulations for the Army 1975, Chapter 9, Paras 9.246 – 9.249.

    Your current unit should have access to the ones relevant to your current Service.
  13. Anyone here transferred here from TA to RAFR?
  14. I give up, now I'm being told that I have to discharge from the RNR, and reapply to the TA and start the process from scratch, despite the fact I said my form is with SPVA awaiting a transfer date of 1.9.10..............nonsense

    SPVA wont speak to me because I dont have any information on the system to prove who I am????