Transfer between counties?

Ok, simple question. If an AI moves from oneshire to anothershire, do they have to apply for a transfer from old ACF unit to new one? Or is it just a case of 'bye bye oneshire cadets' and 'hi anothershire cadets, I'm a former AI at oneshire and would like to play with you now please'?

In advance for those who trawl this forum, I have no idea how many cadets they molested in oneshire, I have no idea if they are friends of Jimmy, nor do I know when they signed the register. :roll:
Not wishing to seem impatient but with the amount of cadet types who hang around arrse, I really thought someone might have replied by now. :(
Best guess, i would imagine that some sort of transfer would be in order, since the ACF is a national organisation and AI's are allocated a number and issued a MOD 90. Actually leaving a county would mean that a person would potentially have to start the application process from scratch as anyone who leaves i.e. resigns or fails to parade within a certain timescale is, after due notification struck off strength.
By the way fltpilot it was Captain Snort at Pippin Fort and Captain Flack at Trumpton fire station, i'm old enough and sad enough to remember such details.
There is a an administrative process to transfer from one county to another. Currently I'd say about 1/3 of our new staff transfer in. I did it myself 3 years ago. The new county are not obliged to accept you or at your paid rank. You cannot transfer whilst you are subject to any disciplinary action or under investigation.

Some QMs claim you have to dekit from one sector to another, but that's bonk. You can transfer your flick over to the new QM.
I transferred from Kentshire to Shetlandshire with no bother. Sent letters to OC and Commandant telling them of my intentions then moved and contacted Shetlandshire who sorted out the paperwork with Kentshire.

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