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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mac7778, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi all.

    I have very recently submitted a request to transfer to the infantry. I know that i will be going to ITC for a 5 day course so i can be assesed on my current skills and allow the infantry to judge what training i require. I was wondering whether anybody had any experience or the assessment course or is/was involved in running it and could explain what i should expect.

    Any help will be very much apprieciated.

  2. depends on what arm u are coming from. it usually ur MATTS (less the moral bits & pieces) to see if u are up to it.
  3. what??? and get paid less !!!! what do u now??
  4. I thought infantry were on higher band
  5. Im coming from the REME. Have you experience of the course RMA1???
  6. My brother got to Sgt in the RLC, and is transferring to the Irish guards, and is having to do Junior and Senior Brecon, basically because he didnt have to do it in the RLC. Poor chap keeps getting called Grandad on Jun Brecon.

    So perhaps you'll have to do Jun/Sen Brecon, depending on your rank?
  7. No idea about the course mac but hope you ignore those who come out with a million and one reasons why you shouldn't transfer. If you want to be Infantry, go Infantry. Good luck with the course.