Transfer Artillary-Infantry, help please!

hey people. jus lookin for some help on a none formal level on transfering from the artillary to the infantry. i know the person who knows best would be in the chain of command but as some of you may no, regiments dont like loosing people, and people will just try putting me off to make me stay.

i spent 6 months in iraq working with the infantry, due to the fact that i wasnt really needed as a gunner so to speak. my role has changed recently and now im employed as a dismounted artillary OP, adjusting fire and so on. now working as an infanteer showed me that the job im in isnt really what i want to do, so ive decided to transfer across to the guys i was attached to in iraq. the questions i have;

*as i lance jack will i loose my rank (some people say yes, others say no)?
*will i have to do any additional training, catterick maybe? and if so will i be reduced to a PTE for the duration of it?
*being a qualified arty OP, i think the regt will want me to go straight into mortars, will it be better for me to spend some time with a rifle company first to gain experience in what will be my primary role?

i think the most important part to me will be keeping my rank, because i dont want to go across and start at the bottom again.

dunno if ive put this in the right forum, but any helps appreciated guys.

I'm afraid that Arrse has a history of sound advice, but the only gospel answers are going to come from the RCMO or equivalent and you will have to face your local chain of command trying to make you stay.

Burn no bridges. Does the infantry really want you? Make sure that they do - with no career fouls.
Are you happy with any change in deployment tempo? You'll be most attractive to a Regiment about to do a 6-month HERRICK. Do they really want YOU or a space in the orbat filled?
Mortars are dull as shit - an OPA can typically do better?
Check the small print - Junior Brecon or some nasty equivalent may well await you...

Nothing wrong with ambition and a change of scene (I jumped ship from the RA) but you have to box clever to get a good deal for yourself.
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i get what you're saying mate. the infantry do seem to want me, well they seemed very eager to get me in iraq due to my qualifications, as well as an OP ack im a flaggy too, all of my reports have been gleaming coming top on all of my courses and being pomoted earlier than is expected. i dont think they are just trying to fill thier orbat.
i'm more than happy with the change in deployment tempo, i prefer time on tour to time on camp, so even 6 months on 6 months off would suit me down to the ground.
i understand mortars is dull, but i think thats what they will try and urge me towards because as well as being authorised to fire mortars already, i can adjust artillery properly and not just by arty target.
i think junior breacon would do me good, just for the experience.

ive spent time thinking about it, and im 100% i want to do it like.
One thing to look at is the possibility of losing your rank. You may revert to PTE, but I reckon that with your skill set and experience, you will regain it quickly and then promote at a faster rate than you might have done if you stayed with your current cap badge. It may be worth taking a short term hit for long term benefit. You would not however lose your pay: You would go on to "mark time" rates of pay until your rank in your new job caught up with the pay you are on.
yeh i get what you mean gasmark9, thats the one thing i dont want to do though, simply because i will be looked at as a new guy by everyone, and treated like one too i imagine, ive done my time as a nig, now ive gained rank i dont want go back. but as u say, short hit for long term benefit.


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More likely you'll keep your rank and be expected to justify it within a certain time frame (two years I think), by doing the qualifying course. In the regular Infantry that is a 6 week PJNCO Cadre in Brecon.
Not fighting for the RA, but is there anything in the RA that may be up your street?

Para? Cdo? Both? the STAP Btys again Cdo or otherwise.

For Inf transfer. I would go out on a limb here and say attendance at CIC is a certainty, you may keep your rank, you may not. (perhaps not wearing it for a time during CIC and getting back on arrival at Bn).

Likewise, your postings depend on where they want warm bodies.

I know 3 lads from the Signals who went over. 1 went to Milan Plt, one went Rifle Coyand then Sniper and a third (bizarrely) ended up in the Signals Plt. I say bizarrley because he was a driver not an op in the signals, so would probably have been more use in the MT :D Both the others were Operators.