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Transfer and Termination Leave

Ok guys,, my first post and a bit of unusual one. Hope someone has some experience of it and may be able to help.

I am currently serving within the MPGS and have been in for just over 2yrs. I am currently transferring back to the RAF. I have been given dates for attesting back into the RAF at the end of March.
I was under the impression that when I left my current unit I would get the normal 5 days relocation leave. However we recently had a lad arrive on our platoon who transferred over from the Army. When I asked him how many relocation days he got, he told me that he never got that but instead was given termination leave as he had to end his army contract. He explained he never got resettlement or anything but as the MPGS are on a different contract to the regs he was told he would have to sign off and then attest again on day one when he came over.

I asked the clerks if I would be in a similar position going the other way across effectively. In their opinion they said I would. The JSP only stipulates someone coming to the end of their current engagement or signing off. The question was forwarded to Glasgow where it was passed around various departments. When it came back it was still a little unclear. One WO1 was saying there was no break in service however the resettlement already attained would not carry over and therefore it should be taken prior. He then came back later saying he had spoken with an SO2 in Resettlement who had said that it wasn't to be granted due to going to and from two regular services, although I should make a copy of my attained resettlement so I could have it added to the new contract should it not be carried over.

The clerks on reading it thought there may be some confusion between terminal leave for terminating the contract and resettlement GRT , so they asked me to go back to them and just ask about what would happen with my contract? The reply came back yesterday saying that when I have my dates I have to terminate my contract and that it would be a paper exercise for JPA.

The clerks then basically told me to pull the pin and sign off asap. The senior clerk said that I would still be entitled to 20 days termination leave the same as anyone else cancelling their contract. In his opinion the only sticking point could be the normal 90 day notice period. However as our CO has already signed papers agreeing to release me next month he said I should be fine. He said he had handled the same scenario with regular service personnel transferring to the reserves on numerous occasions.

I relayed it all to my platoon Sgt last night who never got back to me. When I text him today to see if he had got the msg he just said he would talk to me when next in on Thursday. When I asked should I sign off today when im in admin,, he said not to do anything until I spoke with him first. I kind of got the feeling he might try and block it,,, can he legally do that? And if they went down the route of saying your not technically leaving although your leaving one type of contract to start another,, and its more of a re-engagement. Would I not then just qualify for re-engagement leave instead,, i believe that is 20 days also. So six and two threes

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