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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by firesquaddie, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Last year i transfered from the infantry to the RMP, i underwent an interview and a two week work placement before going to southwick park to train for phase two. in my own let down i failed the PFT and was duely RTU'd. i will be trying again, the question is this
    will i need to do the interview and work placement again?
    any ideas advice or suggestions would be usefull thanks
  2. At what stage did you fail a PFT because I feel you may have been treated harshly.

    Early in the course says that there was still room for improvement and you could have passed before the end of the course. End of the course says they have spent the money and time training you and that RTU at that stage is a waste of everybodys time. Either way a direct entrant would not have been binned at either stage.

    You have either been treated harshly or there is more to it than failing a PFT. I've seen people recently come from the factory who cannot pass a PFT. A quick bit of 0730 hrs remedial PT sorts them out within 2 weeks but they still get out of those factory gates and into a unit.
  3. Why try in the first place if you could not do the basic tests?!

    Surely if and when transfering you would make "best effort"
  4. and thats comin from a 10 year RMP that transfered out!
  5. Fires you sure the only reason you got rtu'd was the pft? We sadly get soldiers all the time who have transferred but have pft issues...
  6. Trust me the only thing i failed was the PFT and as far as BEST EFFORT goes, nah i thought id mong it!!!
    Of course it was best effort and i only failed the PFT on sit ups.
    Your choice if you hated it to get out and you got out, mores the weaker man you
  7. Sorry mate this has confused me, what does this mean?
  8. sorry that was aimed at danny boy, i should have clarified myself.
  9. You must have had some knobber counting for you. RMP, even trying to fuck you over when you try to join them.

    However, i'm sure the DS wouldnt have binned you for failing your PFT, how did you do in the rest of your exams/phases or whatever they're called now!
  10. I transfered from the infantry to RMP five years ago, so things might have changed a little, but on my course there were one or two VT's who failed the initial PFT and still continued through training. And a couple of the DE's failed the final PFT and still passed out, so you have been treated harshly in my view.

    But to answer you question, I'm no expert, but as I see it, the interviews and attachment have shown that you are suitable for RMP training, so if you apply again by rights you should just have to prove your fittness. But I suppose it doesn't always work like that.

    Have you looked into seeing if there is a way to appeal against the RTU, just an idea.
  11. thanks monkey
    tried appealing and tried to stay there as assistant staff but as your part of your original unit still they called me back. didnt help that the CO at training was ex infantry and didnt like me
  12. That explains a lot!

    Try again and this time don't take things for granted.

  13. I transferred through South Park couple of years ago and when you tip up as a VT you have to do a PFT when you arrive, if you fail it, you get a week to get your fitness up and do a retest, if you fail that then you get RTU'd. Harsh, but thats the system they've got at the moment. The PTI's are pretty strict and when i did my PFT with the rest of the VT's we had Pl Sgt, Pl Comd and Pl Cpl watching, even the RSM popped in for a look so there is a bit of pressure. (and you cant 'help' the bloke who your counting for........ honesty, integrity etc)

    FS, if its what you want to do then go and have another crack at it, just make sure your sit ups are good ;-)
  14. Interesting. I am not sure when you completed said Phase of training, but I am getting folks into this Pro Coy who have failed their PFT. The trg bill has now shifted to the recieving unit and it is our job to get 'em through it! Nil comment!
  15. Firesquaddie

    Reading your posts here would tend to tell a story. I imagine that you were binned because you turned up with the attitude that it was all going to be too easy or it was beneth you.

    If a soldier wants to transfer to RMP and has the commitment to do well in training then they would be an asset. A bloke who tips up, can't even be bothered to pass a BASIC fitness test and then comes onto ARRSE and moans is probably more suited to the RAF Police. Have you thought of transfering to them?

    I don't know you but I think I would have binned you back to whatever capbadge you happen to be.