transfer abroad.

Hello everyone, i'm looking for some help.
I've got 5 and a bit years left and am looking at emmigrating to New Zealand once my time's up. And then it dawned on me it may be easier to try and transfer to the NZ army and hopefully cut through some of that immigration red tape.
Has anyone tried it from out there in Arrse-land or am i the only weird one?
Any links etc would be gratefully recieved.
Cheers. :)
Yes I've had a go at this. I had a provisional offer but decided to stay in the end because I like the larger organisation.... and the sort of ops we still get involved in. You can apply on line at the NZ Army Web page. Like us they are short of medics of all sort. People under 40 seem to get a warm welcome and they will take people who are older with the right rank, qualifications and experience. They can serve to 60, and it takes 20 years to get a full pension, so if you transfer at the end of your OR service at 40 you have a chance to get a second full pension!

Last year there were so many UK applicants that they had to send a special team over from NZ to deal with them all. So its popular.
i know a gob doc tech who transfered to the Aussie Army, not that it helps.
:D Cheers for all the replies so far. Have looked on the NZ army website and there is a questionaire to include all of your service details (courses etc). will try that when i can get to a PC that will let me print (Paradigm is a bit patchy).
Will post the link soon for those interested.
cheers :D
Throw another shrimp on the barbie for me too mate.
Your doing the right thing coming to NZ, its where i live now, but as a civvy, its great , just remember to say hey after every thing, alos put on a crap aussie accent, and youll blend in like a local!!
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