Transfer 2 RA as an Artillery Observer

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by mickey789, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, just trying to do a little homework before I go and see my CoC, I am currently serving in the REME and my "Career" seems to be going no-where! I am seriously giving thought to transferring to the RA as an Artillery Observer. I am currently a LCPL and have served for around 9/10 years.

    My biggest concerns are as follows:-

    - Will I be likely to receive a pay cut if I transfer

    - Being a LCPL will I lose this rank and revert back to bottom of ladder, or would I get this rank back after completing any necessary courses?

    - What Artillery type of training would I HAVE to go through, would I have to do the Artillery Phase 2 training?

    - What is the promotion and pay like as an artillery observer?

    - Is this a worthwhile job as I have heard a little about it and it sounds quite a decent job.

    Any help anyone could offer would be much appreciated, like I said I just want a little background information before I go to my CoC.
  2. 1. I was on a higher band in my former capbadge, and when I transferred I was put onto lower band but of equivalent wage so no pay cut (apart from LOA)

    2. I was promoted to LBdr upon transfer (I was waiting for the Corps board in my previous capbadge, there is no Gnr - LBdr board in the RA)

    3.You shouldn't have to go to Larkhill until your Level 3 course. Level 2 (the basic course) is done "in house" at Regiment

    4.Promotion is down to what slots are available in the Troop and I'm certain LBdr and Bdr are higher band (once qualified), I haven't looked any higher than that so not sure on whether you drop bands at any rank.

    5. Personally, I love it :D I actually know what "job satisfaction" means now, which I thought I had with my last job, but now I know it was just rose tinted goggles! If you like working independently attached to a different capbadge with a fair bit of responsibility on your shoulders then I'm sure you'll find it a rewarding role!