Transexual thread from MNHQ.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 29072010, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Just did cicuits and our resident "trans" was there, it sweats like a man if not more and I dont know if it is coz of the drugs it is on or what but it fcuking stinks!! It's a really nasty smell like sweat and bleach crossed with how my dog smells when its in season! Its all very wrong! It bangs out pressups and sit ups like a beast! Anyway I was steering clear of it (coz of the smell) until it was in the changing rooms with me then, it collared me, clearly relishing the fact that as it was in the girls changing rooms perhaps it would be "normal" to have a "girl talk" with me, and so it said "Dolly86 I notice you have got rather large chebs, could you recomend a good sports bra?" anyway diplomatic as I am I said "but you dont need one yours aren't real, they dont even move!" anyway now its not talking to me and I am glad because I will not be taking it to M&S for a bra fitting... maybe its ex-wife could do the honours?
  2. Did you cop a feel tho??? :D
  3. No I didn't. Do reckon I should? This thing is clearly desperate to be my friend, I think it is coz I am a very womanly woman were a it is a not particularly womanly man, It obviously wants to be like me because it copies clothes I buy and allsorts, and it seems particularly taken with my waps as it keeps asking about bras and how I manage to on my front etc. Anyway I am clearly in a position to exploit it, anyone have any ideas on how I might carry out said exploitation?
  4. Depends on a few things,

    1) is it a full post op tran?

    2) what would you like from the exploitation?

    3) knowing they are false, what would it do for you anyway?

    4) could you cope with the sweat?
  5. Try it on! Would that be lesbianism? :? If it turns you down then it might not want to be friends anymore! If it says yes then film it! :twisted:
  6. I don't want to fcuk it! Its fully post op it showed me pictures on the internet of what it had done (just plain fcuking wrong!). I was thinking more of psychological exploitation?
  7. Just keep pointing out, that on its birth certificate it still says hes a boy called john or dave or whatever it was.

    Also ask him if he still feels like itching his balls! apparently you still feel the itch long after you have had your leg amputated, so chances are....
  8. I will have answers after lunch, am gonna ask the questions infront of all the lads and see how it copes as it seems to be a quite an emotional creature.
  9. How about just tonguing it's 'dot' instead?
  10. By nature this creature is f ucked in the head anyway, so a little further tinkering should see it sitting in the office with its big "belly holder inner" pants on its head and pencils up its nose.

    Then lick its dot like what he said.
  11. Sounds like there could be some potential "harrassment issues" developing here towards Dolly........
    However, it'd be interesting to see how these would be handled as the other party seems to be a member of the right club 8O 8O 8O
  12. methinks pretty well given these three statements...

  13. Just to get an idea, before posting a helpful response, any chance of a jpg of your equipment..?
  14. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Exactly the point I was about to raise, and I can't believe it got to this late stage in the thread! Dolly, you're 22, female and in the NAAFI. Rules are rules, I'm afraid.
  15. Yes, I feel we need to review that statement that your chebs are rather large...