Transatlantic Flights Fiasco

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hellhound_13, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. My confidence in the British Legal System has taken a bit of a knock today. One of the strongest cases for Anti-Terror legislation, a pretty good/strong case and the most the jury will convict on is conspiricy to commit murder. I cannot help but feel that some very bad people are sat down somewhere drinking non-alcoholic beverages and p****** themselves laughing at how naive some members of the British public are. Sometimes I depair of humanity.... :(

    read it at:

    (apologies as I dont know how to do the clicky linky thingy)
  2. Where have you been for the past 10 years?
  3. The big fall down was that they hadn't bought any Airline tickets, therefore no intent. You know what they were going to do. But if they had sent them down they would have appealed and they would have got off on a miscarriage of justice. Then we would have to let them out and pay them compensation for their inconvenience.
  4. Fair one NTT. I also realise that much of the evidence falls into the category of "circumstantial" but it still really grips me..... there is a lot of hard work, time and effort down the pan on this one. The yanks picking one guy in Pakistan up early without letting us know didn't help either. I just hope they all die in a "freak" yachting accident.
  5. Hellhound. Rember that a jury is made up of people who can't find a good enough reason to be exempt. Also, the defence can challenge the appointment of anyone who looks as though they might have abrain and pay attention.
  6. Then it clearly wasn't strong enough to do more than convict the defendants of Conspiricy to committ murder.

    I'm confused by the whole story, particulary the bit about "jurors were unable to decide whether or not a group of British Muslims were part of a plot to blow transatlantic airliners out of the sky. " Is there now a single crime of blowing up an aircraft? Surely that would be a simple conspiricy to committ murder and conspiricy to cause an explosion along with various charges of creating explosives, smuggling explosives and any other count of storing explosives unlawfully? Throwing in references to plots to blow up aircraft as if the defendants were about to committ such an act was foolish and liable to back fire. Quite clearly the CPS has failed to notice some of the procedures IRA members were charged under. No mention of terroism, no mention of target, unless caught in the act of planting at a target, just a straightforward criminal case. Which is exactly how these "things" should have been treated, as Criminals, not lauded up in the press as "Muslim terrorists" engaged in some world wide plot to rule the world under the Global Caliph.
  7. Probably the only reason that there were no air tickets is that our great cousins in the CIA took it upon themselves to arrest one of the members of the gang while he was "holidaying" in Pakistan. They did this with the usual lack of communication with their colleagues in the War on Terror. Thus the UK police had to act to apprehend the remainder of the gang before they fled the country for safe spots such as Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.

    Personally I dont believe their plot would have worked, but am happier that these individuals are off the street, I would prefer them to be 6 foot under street level though,