Transalpine Challenge

What is The Transalpine Challenge?
Transalpine 2007 Challenge is a trans European fun banger rally and driving challenge with a difference. A mixture of driving and deduction will get you to the finish. However to enter The Transalpine Challenge, your car of choice must cost you £100 (or less). We did say it was a challenge!! There will be a maximum of 150 teams taking part.
Driving through Europe on the old forgotten roads that will take you through villages and over mountains whilst taking in some of the sights and tastes of Europe along the way.
You could even gain sponsorship for a charity of your choice and do someone some good along the way.
Our emphasis is on safe fun, what could be better than a road trip with friends. Stopping along the way to enjoy good food and the odd drink. (not you driver). This is to be a real experience, one long party across Europe. There will be no tolls, or huge hotel bills and we advocate each team sleeps under canvas and really gets into the team spirit that will make your trip unforgettable

What can we expect on route?
The journey will be broken down into 4 days. Each days driving will bring with it a new challenge. Each day’s challenge will be different from the last so as to tax the crews and stimulate the mind. A brief outline of each days challenge will be listed before the event but details won’t be given out until the briefing for the days drive. This is to ensure fairness prevails and no homework can be done before hand. No swatting!!!!!!
Each crew will be awarded points that will be totaled up on the final day and this will give us our winner. So racing to the finish will get you no-where. We do stress this is not a race.

Each team can select a charity of their own or they can run in the event using our chosen charity. We have chosen to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care’.
A good charity for a forces team to raise for it the 'The Army Benevolent Fund'

Our contact number is 0161 456 5714. Our web address and entry form is at

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