Trans is not a virgin anymore.

I finally have it comfirmed.

Not only did he Snuggle up to the big J, he's smashed Rearwords.

No shit.


Book Reviewer
smashed rearwords? I bet Jarrod reads this and gets all excited, thill he realises it isnt 'smashed in the face'.
Trans fucked rearwords?

Is there a description of the person that held the gun to his head?
Didn't he nail The Lord Flashearts squeeze before TLF did? I'm sure I've seen a video somewhere.
Sluggy. Get back on the pink wine. The Malibu snakebites are doing your head in.
I've just logged on to an alternative universe or am so pissed I imagined this thread and it will be gone tomorrow when I am sober?

Say all again after "I". (And perhaps explain for us NIGs who have only been on this site for a couple of years) over.

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