Trans Europe Ferries

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Emsav, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. If you have tickets for the Trans Europe Ferries operation out of Ramsgate to Ostend or vice versa, your tickets are worthless and you will have to rebook, at extra expense, with another operator as there is no reciprocal agreement between TEF and other operators. All services from Ramsgate and Ostend are cancelled until further notice as the company is apparently in financial difficulties.

    For those on my side of La Manche driving time from Ostend to Dunkerque (DFDS Terminal) is around 50 minutes. Ostend to Calais (P&O, MyFerryLink, & DFDS Terminals) is around 1 hour. The A16/E40 is a free motorway.
  2. Are or were TEF not backed by the EU? Used them once, a bit pants can see why they are in trouble.
  3. UPDATE 25th APRIL

    Forget Ramsgate - Ostend ferry service the Belgian courts have declared Transeuropa Ferries bankrupt.
  4. There is no body of water called "La Manche".

    I think you mean "The English Channel", so known because the English are historically the dominant naval power.

    Just saying.
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