Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Was just wondering if, what with the emergence of digital music players and digital radio, if anyone, like me, still listened to a 'tranny' or transistor radio to give it it's proper title?

    Or have you all 'crossed over' to more modern appliances?
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  2. I still have one but the batteries have given out. Can't use mains power - it is purely "DC" so not sure it counts?
  3. I suppose it should, although AC/DC would be most peoples preference ... or 50% anyways.
  4. Nah I still call it a trannie! Thinking of getting an old art deco type for displaying on my shelves in the livingroom. What about the Roberts ones they still look like trannies even though they are DAB
  5. I used to have a little transistor radio. It never seemed to stay on the same station for long or you might end up listening to two different stations at the same time. My little tranny had a lot of problems with mixed signals.
    I dont have any battery operated entertainment system at the moment, although my wife has something that she uses when I am away.
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  6. *zips knob back up, curses the shit thread title and goes back to looking for ladyboy porn*
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  7. Yes, listening to one right now.

    A few weeks ago I tried to attach my ipod to it to see if it would use the trannies speakers, but it didn't work properly. Probably because it wasn't the natural setup. I guess you should use it for what it was originally designed to do instead of trying to turn it into something else.
  8. Mine has a power adapter, so neither one thing or the other.
  9. Haven't had a tranny for many a year - not since the days of 'Round The Horn' with it's double-entendres.
  10. I hear the new ones have all sorts of attachments and docking systems.
  11. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    jack and Jill went up the hill,
    for Jack to lick Jill's fanny.
    Jack got a shock
    and a mouth full of cock
    Cos jill's a fcuking tranny.

    sorry posted on the wrong thread.
  12. Those attachments tend to be male or female type, but not both at the same time.
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  13. Me too. I thought it was going to something interesting not bloody radios.
  14. But they're not really proper transistor radio's are they. They're wannabee Ipods. It may look like one in the end, but inside it's still a transistor radio.
  15. See, I like mine a lot but can't make up my mind whether to switch over to something different. It seems a bit of a chop to me but I guess I'd end up with a smaller package, something that was easier to handle. Should I go for the top end first or concentrate on the bottom end?
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