Trangia Mini Mess Tins

Seen one or two people with these mini mess tins with lids.

Are they any good for heating rat packs up a little quicker and are they worth buying?

I found that trangia's were too soft (ie they bent quite easliy), so I have moved onto a jet boil. Awesome piece of kit and self contained. However, it is gas powered.
I prefer gas, but when i cant take it for example planes and not being bothered looking for a gas seller, i thought I would give these a try. They did look flimsy, but the idea of a lid to aid the cooking time appealed to me.

Just wondered about other peoples experiences with them.
they are a good bit of kit nice and small hot scoff in no time with the lid on ,works well with a pocket rocket or the gel fuel if on ops,the new issued metal mugs are worth a look too.