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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by minestrike, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Hi people, looking for some insight.

    After 6 years in the RE I've signed off and am due out mid next year.

    I've had an insight into nursing and am very interested at becoming a student nurse. Can you give me any advise please. Would I be able to get a married quarter during my training? How often are you deployed? Working life etc? I realise its a much less military lifestyle but this is a good thing! Many thanks, Minestrike. Also I'm P3 L3 is this a problem?
  2. If you are entitled now then you can certainly live in an SFQ throughout your 3 year training, but as the courses are now run in Brum i'm not sure where the patch might be or ?substitute (civilian rent). You will not be deployed for the duration of the course either. Life is certainly will undoubtedly have to face your demons and brave the dreaded NHS, both during and after the training course! This is reality. It cannot be avoided! Enjoy.
  3. Cheers for the reply, what is the frequency of deployments once you are trained? Is it like emigrating to Iraq? What are the conditions like for nurses in the RAF? Is it pretty similar across the services? Do you get promoted acting Cpl in the same way as the army? Thanks again.
  4. why dont you ring QA recruiting?
  5. I was rejected from QARANC for a transfer (as a CPN) three years ago from the RE, due to being P3LE. The application never even made it to the recruiting team as Glasgow refused me, unless I could get upgraded to P2FE. The MO said he would upgrade me on acceptance by the QA's... the civvie at Glasgow said that was not good enough. The MO said he was unable to upgrade me, whilst I remained an Engineer.

    The QA's suggested I rejoined from Civ Div, and did it that way.

    I signed off, and now I'm studying Clinical Psycholgy as a civvie... and I'm a lot happier.

    By the way, are you from 35, because if you are, I think we could know each other.

    *excuse grammar, I have just finished a nightshift
  6. Sounds like you have a few things you need to think about before you do actually transfer minestrike. If you do transfer to the Grey Mafia expect to be messed around during your training. Do not think that your status as an NCO wil protect you it wont! In fact you'll end up dealing with a lot of crap becasue of that, and bless their cotton socks a majority of your peers will be freshed faced civvies who will have no compunction on telling you where to stick it.

    With regards your med status you will need to get upgraded before you transfer largely in fact due to some fat medically downgraded REMF deciding that you need to be P2FE to transfer even though you will be undeployable for 3 years. Most of my brethren bless them are nearly all medically down graded or pregnant anyway in fact trying to find an FE nurse is a rarity in itself. However this will not stop them from sending them away on ops.

    Depending on your willingness and speciality expect to be taking a 6 month holiday with bucket and spade courtesy of the queen aprox every 18 months in the MDHU hospitals and even sooner in the field units. If your sad like me and actually like going away on ops 16 CS is definately the place to aspire too as they are nearly always away.

    In a nutshell minestrike you need to weigh up the pro's and con's and take filbert fox's advice (he posts regularly and seems to know his stuff!) and contact the QA recruting team one of the guys there is a trade transfer and knows his stuff. There are alot of upset QA'a out there that will tell you anything but what you need to know.

    As with all advice its what you do with it that counts you have alot to consider but it won't mean a hill of beans if you can't transfer in the first place! Think about that and your pension and then do a cost benefit analysis of doing it army then consider civvie street you can always re-enlist when you are a Qualifed Nurse the process funnily enough is much easier!

    Hope this helps minestrike and all the best for the future whatever you decide.
  7. Thanks to the chaps who PM'd me, and thanks Sneaky, very helpful.
  8. Army: 6 months every 1 to 2 years; RAF: 3/4 months every 2 to 3 years......this is obviously very rough and based mostly on my own experience! However, Iraq is not too bad for us Medical/Nursing-types (to be honest!) Just a bit warm at the moment!!

    RAF nurses do just about manage to retain some sense of single service identity, and this is important to many of us. We continue to 'enjoy' the pleasure of Aeromedical nursing, for instance.

    It is worth remembering that depending on which area of nursing you eventually specialise in, you will deploy to complement an Army medical facility at some point. They're not a bad bunch though! :wink:

    You will be promoted to Acting Cpl when you complete your nurse training, but the timed-promotion beyond this is now sadly no more! But that is a different story!!

  9. what does that mean? we were told you have to do 4 years in the rank to even be cosidered for promotion....
  10. RAF Nurse is RAF, they may have had timed promotion before but they are in the same 4 years in sub rank boat as you, Common Terms of Service and all that jazz!
  11. I thought timed promotion had now been stopped in the RAF. Or is this just a myth?

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