Tranche 4 Cancelled ???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. Defence Spending: PM Says No More Job Cuts Cameron has revealed there will be no more staff cuts to the Army, Navy or Air Force - a day after the Head of the Army said further cutbacks could prove "quite dangerous, quite quickly". The Prime Minister made the assurance after General Sir Peter Wall exclusively told Sky News that Britain's chances of success in future wars could be "seriously damaged" if the Army was downsized in the latest spending review. Mr Cameron said: "We're not going to be making further cuts to the numbers of our Army, Navy or Air Force, they know what they have available. "No department can be excluded from being efficient from saving money, from making sure we get the best possible value from every pound that we take from the taxpayers and spend." Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander told Sky News there was room to make efficiency savings in the Army without affecting frontline military capabilities. "And, of course, in a department that has more horses than it has tanks, there are room for efficiencies without affecting our overall military output which, of course, is what we need to maintain." But defence expert Francis Tusa says the current state of the Army could have been avoided by making efficiency savings over a decade ago.
  2. Guess a lot of people holding on until next year are going to be upset!
  3. If my unit's anything to go by JPA is going to crash next Tuesday when all the people who said they'll terminate if they don't get redundancy take the seven clicks to heaven.
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  4. Maybe that's what they want people to do.
  5. The cynic in me thinks that this was the planned out come when they started cutting things like LOA.
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  6. We are still coming down to 82000, one way or another. Another tranche would not mean extra redundancies, just a continuation of the already agreed to plan of action.
  7. I disagree the statement of the PM is pure politicking, numbers are coming down more. Sweepstake anyone with proceeds to help4heroes? GBP10 for guessing to the nearest 100 of the correct number post election shake down.

    With no further ado, and excluding reserves, British Army post next election will be 50,500.

    Should someone be able to do this better than me - given there - can this sweep stake be better organised?
  8. Spoke to my MO the other day, apparently people who get downgraded are being targetted for dismissal as its cheaper than redundancy, its a open secret, the MOs and other Docs are getting pressured to push forward med boards.
  9. That probably makes more sense than getting rid of deployable, fit blokes who are half way through a decent career...
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  10. Well if it's not personnel then it's equipment?
  11. Agreed. Let's face it, while it's unfortunate that for various reasons people become downgraded *long* term / near permanently, there's only so many HQ roles available within a unit for downgraded blokes & space needs to be made for fresh blood that's fully deployable to keep the unit at full strength as possible.
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  12. Nice one Danny boy - let us outsource ceremonial duties to a reputable private company - say G4S - what could possibly go wrong? Beats me, if I can predict any downside or potential for embarrassment. D'oh, Danny!
  13. I like the comment about horses and tanks. I tell you what, the day the British Army starts riding about on horses worth £4.5 million each I'll try to get upset, until then that argument is daft!
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  14. Que tear jerk press about blokes who have been left injured in recent conflicts and the Army abandoning them... now for once, I feel sorry for the Army. Either way they are doomed in the Press who just wish to kerching with cheap stories...
  15. Maybe for the people they pap10 but i can't see giving everyone they MD a lump sum and pension for the rest of their lives would work out much cheaper than redundancy, especially considering the number of injured blokes who are no longer fully fit.