Tranche 3

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by PapaGolf, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. HURRY IT UP WILL YOU!!!!!! I've got a Lateral Transfer opportunity marking time here!!! Come on, give it to me!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Tranche 3 announced in Jan 13 isn't it?

    I've got me 'volunteer' paperwork good to go ;)
  3. I thought it was September. Not that I was counting down the days or anything!!!
  4. I'm finding it difficult to believe that out of the 20,000 redundancies there will be only 3% non-volunteers.
  5. The latest 'rumour' is that the next Tranche will be the last. The reasoning is that the government won't want to release Tranche 4 in an election year and therefore the anticipated and required redundancies within Tranche 4 will be rolled back into Tranche 3.

    In simple terms, this means that Tranche 3 will look for around 11000 Army personnel across all ranks and capbadges.

    Tranche 4 would - assuming all this comes to pass - have contained 'Tranche 4B' which was designed to manage individual redundancy areas in micro-detail i.e. we need precisely 2 x RAC Lt Cols, 4 x Inf WO2s, 2 x RMP GPD Cpls etc in order to fully deliver the required manpower against the A2020 structures.

    Which is odd as I had assumed that all the preceding Tranches had already done that in detail. But I suppose no plan will deliver at 100% particularly as redundancy started before we knew what the A2020 work was going to deliver.
  6. I wonder if RLC stackers will be hit, there seems to be an air of immunity amongst them at the moment (only judging by the large amount of them in my Regiment anyway!)
  7. I hope they are wanting RLC stackers. This one will be more than happy to volunteer. Knowing my luck they wont be looking for any Cpl's.
  8. I'm RLC & 2 weeks ago I was given the news that I’m out on tranche 2 (although I didn’t volunteer for it). I’ve just been encouraged to appeal the decision… not sure I’m that I want to. I heard the calculation is changing and the payouts in tranche 3 will be less than tranche 2 too; does anyone know if this is true?
  9. Daft question. Seeing as the Resettlement network is geared up to deal with a pretty constant number of bods over a set period, how on earth can it be fit for purpose for this explosion of demand overnight? Or is a case of if no-one mentions it, it's not n issue?
  10. If you remember the redundancies of the 90s, you will probably remember that, in the hope that they would go out with a big handout, people deferred putting in their notice . Once all the redundancies were over, and the numbers had been precisely micro-managed, many of those who had waited in the vain hope that they would get redundancy and failed put their notice in as they had previously planned, and completely buggered up the carefully laid plans.
  11. Hi, Cpl X. You are in the bracket fo redundancy. Sorry.

    Cpl X prepares for the worst. In 6 months between.

    Good news Cpl X, you didn't get redundancy!

    Cpl X signs off. He's seen the grass on the otherside, made plans and... quite frankly, just can't be arrsed with it any more.
  12. Delete/Insert in place of 'Cpl X' and that pretty much sums up many SPs' stories. It doesn't matter what rank you are - the conceptual journey is the same. "Am I ready to leave the Armed Forces with a bag of cash and no regrets? Yes? Woohoo!"

    I'm going to see what the Army actually does day-to-day without HERRICK/JOA to entertain us. If as I suspect - sod all - then I'll be off. But perhaps I should jump at Tranche 3? Well what would I do in civvy street....might be stress....I'm already thinking! :)
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  13. Hmmm interesting cheers Choc

    If this happens then doesn't appear to be any volunteering even if outside the bracket.