Tranche 3 Redundancy Fields No Longer Required

following fields are no longer required

REME, LE Major 8-9 years , LE Major 14+ years, Lt Col DE 1st April 16
RLC , DE Major 16 - 21 years, DE Major 21+ years
INFANTRY - LCPL 6-8 years
R SIGNALS - CPL 15+ years, CPL Inst Tech 13-14 years, CPL Inst Tech 15+ years, CPL RSE 13-14 years, CPL RSE 15+ years
REME - SGT Tech AV 9-10 years, SGT Tech AV 11-12 years , WO2 Art Veh & VM (includes: VM (A), VM (B), and VE) 18+ yrs
RGR - Gurkhas - LCPL 9-10 years

im gutted as i fall into one of them brackets!! ah well roll on T4
personally i think its a bit shit, that they can suddenly turn around after 4 months and say nah sorry not needed now

when myself and others have been looking at and prepping for 4 months at getting out... i personally wont sign off right away im gonna wait for tranche 4, but i know a lot of people once they hear the news first thing they will do is sign off....
Just a quick question, i am a VM Lance Jack in the REME and my field didnt even appear on this DIN. Does this mean there is no change? i assume that the field is still required as those who aren't have "field no longer required" in the adjascent box.


I was in scope and had volunteered. To then be told that my field had been taken out of scope, three months after the initial briefing, has pissed me off more than anything in the last decade, and there have been some very low points. How they can have a group of us praying either way for a happy ending, only to suddenly realise that the geniuses running things can't actually count. It just leaves me speechless, nay, incandescent with fury, on my own personal outrage moped. FFS.

I'm soldiering on, for the time being, but am still actively planning for my second career.
It doesn't work like that although I understand the sentiment. While I am no expert, my understanding is that you can only make someone redundant when a job for them no longer exists, so in the Army 2020 structure, the pids have been removed and looking against predicted actual manning figures, it gives a surplus of X, who need to be made redundant. This is regardless of those pvr'ing because as long as the pids exist, personnel can be recruited or promoted into them.
I know, I said that :)


No we have not identified PIDs (roles) that will go. As you identify in real life jobs are cut, incumbents lose that job.

We have said 'we will be 82000' made up (roughly) as follows. Who wants to go?

So we are non compliant with employment law (rightly) otherwise we would have to sack all of 19x regardless of how good they are as 19x is going.

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