Tranche 3 eligibility "would I be in the bracket"

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Harry Black, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    With all these cuts happening to our services, I just want to ask would I be eligible for the next Tranche 3 redundancies???

    I am a infantry WO2 with 20 years service, I have been substantive for 2 years.
    Currently my two battalions are merging into one would this also have a factor?

    I would just like to know if I have got a good chance of getting it ?

    There must be talk of who is in the bracket next and what ranks they want to get rid of.


  2. If I were a betting man (for which I am not) I would say most definitely not! The amalgamation you speak of is not likely to happen in your (career) lifetime. With reference to the talk, not even APC know what is going to happen until until we pretty much do. The last round caused a right ding dong in my wing on release of eligibility and those that were subsequently made redundant.

    In summary, plan on a full career and enjoy you pension. Who knows, you may promote and be awarded an extension for the purposes of pension!
  3. Prob just keep you blocking a spot and not replace.
  4. I wonder what will happen to RAPTC Soldiers? 20 odd Units biting the bullet, sure some have to go.....?

    There were 5 x QMSI slots & 21 Sgts were up in T2, yet 5 Q posts went and the 21 Sgts got pulled at the last min!!

    I kno a lot of guys were sweating etc and a lot wanted it. When they were announced everyone was asking who got it, but no one knew? Turns out they were pulled at last min!!

    No announcement or CC1 to explain the situation from HQ RAPTC which some feel wrong!! Still to this day no one has made that announcement!!!!
  5. No one ever will as it will make HQ RAPTC look shite!
  6. Talk about looking after the blokes!!!
  7. See what you did there?

    I'd imagine PTIs are not as disposable as simply choping tem with units... there are alot of slots for Rehab opening.
  8. Well they did save 21 jobs.
  9. Not really cos a lot signed off!!
  10. People signed off because they weren't made redundant? Or because HQRAPTC didn't tell anyone that they weren't getting made redundant?

    Is it no up to the unit you are attached to to deal with briefings and letting people now who is and isn't in the firing line?
  11. I think they have a duty of care. Course it's for those Unit CO's to tell those, but that's not my point!
  12. If anyone remembers Options for Change early 90s, huge chunk of redundancies was followed by a black hole and retention initiatives. Funny old thing, happened again late 90s and again 2003. The 2014 Black Hole will save so much money, we may be getting fighters for those carriers after all.