Tranche 3 - ARRSE to be on Radio 4

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Bad CO, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've just been asked to appear on Radio 4 for the PM programme this evening to discuss today's redundancy announcement. I agreed to go along and represent the views of the ARRSE collective so let me know what you think ......

    It's pre-recorded so you've got about an hour!
  2. That there's a good chance it's going to end up biting the Army/MOD in the arse. I know a lot of blokes who weren't lucky on tranches 1 & 2 who will most likely sign off if they don't get the good news this time around.

    Even with the recession the Army of the future isn't very appealing, especially to blokes who've spent the majority of their career having a purpose i.e. Iraq & Afghanistan. Many won't stick around to do barrack guards and bone exercises.
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  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Could you point out that Mrs B&T is a lazy bitch and needs to exercise more. Fat Cow.
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  4. Well with the coalitions interest in North Africa there could be a new venue marker for the movement staff at Brize. Unfortunatly less operational troops for new expeditionary ventures, wonder if the tour length will go up or the rotation time down. That is of course once all the amalgamation parades have happened in 2014!
  5. Are you implying the Eton Mess is demonstrating a bit of non joined up writing volunteering UK Armed Forces for another open ended war before the last ones shut down while shooing people out the door?
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  6. Is there any way you can move the conversation sideways and turn it into a discussion about Forastero reading everyone's private messages and sending abuse using Jarrod's account details?
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  7. God forbid. But it seems like every old Politician has a legacy area, could DC be angling for peace envoy for North Africa as Blair has the Middle East, and Brown has Fife!
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  8. The Army manpower reductions are justified, in policy terms, by the plan to substantially expand the TA. There is no credible plan to achieve this expansion nor any evidence that it is possible. The recent consultation paper on the Reserve Forces was a rehash of old ideas with no original, evidence-based thinking. From what I’ve seen of the response from employer organisations there is no prospect of more active employer support, particularly during this recession.
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  9. Agreed, and at the moment even employers who themselves are ex-services have no intention of providing extra support. Commentators on here have said they would actively discriminate against TA Soldiers during any recruiting they're doing because they'll be a financial liability further down the road.
  10. Were they not hoping many who were pushed out would join the TA?
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  11. Just hearing the queue for JPA is growing rapidly in that respect.
  12. Mav

    Mav Old-Salt

    Wah shield up... they won't if they can't get a full time job while being a reservist.
  13. They're doing the '2020 implementation the wrong way round - increase the reserve forces and make them a viable part of the Army, fully integratable with the regulars etc BEFORE reducing the regular forces. However, with the Treasury increasingly taking over, they're gone for budgetary influences instead of real-world thinking to action what they're planning
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  14. There was no wah.

    If I get the nod for this round I might consider joining the TA, but not if there's any risk of an impact on any civvy career I might have.

    I know many people who would be perfectly happy to never wear uniform again, especially if the stories about the TA is run/look after their blokes are to be believed.
  15. Making people leave against their will will mean that the future Bright Buttons will be put off joining as an Armed Forces Career could be cut at the whim of a bean counter, not the individual.

    Will lead to an Army that will not be led by individuals of the intellectual horsepower we can currently recruit. Less brane, less flexibility, less effective, requiring the future application of costly technology rather than boots on the ground to solve problems.

    Also - if the reason for the cuts really is MONEY, why not bin our independent nuclear deterrent? We aren't a major world player, even if we used to be. Soldiers are being binned to pay for something that really is a vanity project. UK PLC will do NOTHING without the OK of Uncle Sam, so why not cut our cloth accordingly?

    Oh, and whoever decided to knock back the over-50s from mobilisation three days before the papers where due out is a ****.