Tranche 2

Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. 283 non commisioned soldiers, with VM's being hit hard.

    Seems a lot.
  2. No it doesn't.
  3. Not that I'm botherd becuase no TSS are included in the list.
  4. Of course they're not. They're the back-bone of the REME. Not.
  5. Clearly thats been proven today ;)
  6. Today i received an email asking if I want to re-apply for VENG!!

    I didnt apply last year for my board, however I am now in my last two years and the email is aking ALL WOs within the last 2 years to re-apply!!

    Nice e-mail on the day Tranche 2 is announced.
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  7. 3 of the smallest Corps in the Army provoding 50% of the 1* redundancies. Nice.
  8. First impression is OFFS! I see the Chiefs got left largely alone, whilst the Indians got hammered.

    That fits in well with the Corps drift away from dirty hands and grubby issues like production.

    Still we kept all our Lt Col's so there is still hope....(some of you may detect a modicum of irony there)
  9. 500 Infantry blokes.

    2 x crafty 6year+ armourers eh bit random.
  10. It depends where you keep them!!
  11. Is there any cuts for rec mechs? if so do you know criteria?
  12. I think it was 2 recy mech cfn's.
  13. Anywhere to get a look at the breakdown by rank/cap badge without resorting to DII?
  14. It's 4x Cfn Recy mechs, 6 years or above.
  15. Any views? Is that likely to be the Ghurkas or will others be sharing the pain?