Tranche 2 Redundancy R.Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by liney555, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Anyone eligible then?

  2. It will be interesting to see how many are eligible that are coming up to their 18 year point and will miss out on their immediate pension in order the money is saved
  3. For soldiers it looks as though it is siggy's and lance jacks only, in the CLS trade it looks like you need to have done 13 years plus as a LCPL to be eligible, ED's siggys over 6 years, etc... so when is Tranche 3?!
  4. January 2012
  5. 2013 you mean?
  6. Twenty-odd 6 year Siggy CS Ops and another twenty-odd 7 year LCpl CS Engs... GAWN!!! I reckon it'll be 15 year CS Eng Sgts next year...
  7. I'm hoping it's 15/16 year full screw cls ( or whatever we get changed to in the next 12 months )
  8. 10 Lt Col's seems like they might be learning where the real deadwood is
  9. Well as I Ex Cable Jointer /Cbt Lmn Dvr from the 70s -to the 89. I have seen all this before...
    Redunacies are not new The Royal Corp lost a load of good Full Screws in the late 70s.
    That time I recall it was a monitorium another fancy word for cutbacks.
    As I see it Remove those above Full Screw and above then the lower ranks can move up and take over.
    I recall been posted to 22Sigs back in 1981. First OCs interview L/Cpl Advent you have served 12years so far and in my opinion
    you'll never make Full Screw...
    I was outside the ideal promotion range. Well that to me was a right kick in the goolies.
    I had 3 years in Lippstadt with no chance of promotion....
    Now if as I say you get reid of those above Full Screw and above the likes of me will have a greater chance to move on up...
    Oh by the way I was in theory qualified up to the rank of Sgt...Done the Detties /Cadre. Education Ace1/ Trade B1.
    I feel for you guys and this c-rap has been going for decades so its nowt new lads....
  10. That sounds like a fcuking brilliant idea... Cpl to WO1 in 24 hours.

    It is a drawdown of personnel not a suicide note.
  11. Fantastic for LE supervisors. Any easy posts will be swallowed up by the DE equivalent no doubt meaning 2 years of busting your balls followed by ....oh another 2 years of busting your balls.