Tranche 2 'Adjustments'

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Sangreal, May 23, 2012.

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  1. I see from the latest Redundancy update that 'adjustments' have been made to some of the rank/trade numbers required for Tranche 2 in order that 'Tranche 2 Redundancy does not undermine the future structural integrity of Army 2020'. Sounds like they have reduced some fields? Think again! All of the fields I cross-referenced have been increased.

    Remember; the Army sees its people as its Strategic edge....honest!!
  2. But the 2900 they are looking for in this tranche has not changed so surely this means some numbers elsewhere must have gone down?
  3. I think you will find that, as alluded to but not specified in the note, where field numbers have increased this will be because there have been more applicants than slots available within those fields. Therefore larger numbers taken this time will reduce the numbers required elsewhere within T2 (ie different years of service) or in the future (for T3 and T4).
  4. There were a good deal more volunteers (applicants) in several fields - notably officer fields - which has resulted in those fields being upped and CR taken in other areas which are going down. Interestingly, as this exercise is geared around wholesale force reduction, simply taking 4 more Lt Cols doesn't mean we get to 'save' 16 Private soldiers in exchange.

  5. The reason for the increase in certain fields/length of service brackets is because they are wanting to take applicants over non applicants and there has been no suggestion that any length of service brackets have in fact reduced/disappeared. The ones noted on the link are where they have increased the no of personnel they are looking to make redundant. If they had reduced any or were no longer required to be any redundancy in a certain length of service bracket then they would need to publish this or inform the applicants that their trade & length of service is no longer within the tranche and their application for redundancy in now null & void.