Tranche 1 REME Hit List

Discussion in 'REME' started by big_un, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Attached is the Tranche 1 REME Hit List; in case you are having trouble getting the info.

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  2. Phew!

    If it's Gensies
  3. If it can be believed.
    8 Tech Tiffy SSgts getting the chop and only one Artisan no longer being required.
    Says it all really.
  4. Most likely because they need more people grafting, than people sat in the office making graphs and charts to monitor the work output...

    Of course how watching a dvd whilst you wait for a machine to run a diagnostic test can be called work is beyond me..
  5. Apparently there is a list by individual names of who is in the bracket. Has anyone had 'eyes on' yet?
  6. Yes im on it
  7. Me too... Application on it's way!

    Gripe 1: What gets me is that my OC took me in his office to say I'd been offered redundancy... I haven't, I'm simply 'in the bracket', now while I will be applying, it in no means guarantees my acceptance.

    Gripe 2: What's with the soddin media? 'Thousands of Army & Navy personnel have just found out they've been sacked (by letter)... Balls! I saw no letter, and again, all they've done is publish the trade and year criteria for redundancy.
  8. Gripe 3: How come i've done 24 years, i'm a hated Artisan (according to the REME upper echelon) and they still haven't offered me redundancy...The barstewards
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  9. James, me thinkst that your OC doesn't fully understand what he's on about.

    But that shouldn't surprise you, should it?
  10. Because the 'deadwood' who run out before 01 Aug 2014 are 'out of zone' and they do not have to pay you off. So its a case of turn to the right and carry on normal jogging.
  11. Is it just me or does anyone else think they may have inadvertently swopped the lines for tech Cpl and Sgt. ???
    Are there really techs serving who have reached 15 yrs (LOS not age) without getting the third stripe up, let alone getting to 22 yrs and still without it?

    I never met any whilst I was still in.
    Even knobbers, and I am sure some who knew me would have included me in that group, got promoted into the Sgts Mess.
    Or did we just beat the others to the un-opened cereal box?
  12. What about the officers list?
  13. Mainly LE Capts & Majs on it. As well as this programme,DM(A) have got more levers to pull already to reduce officer numbers i.e. by not converting those on SSC to IRC (out after 6-8 yrs service) or those on IRC to Reg C (out after 16 years)

    Log on to ArmyNet to see the full list
  14. There's 8 bods need to go from that field, I'm guessing there's only 8 in that field in the whole army
  15. Personally I think the only way they will be find 8 is if several stripeys f**k up severely, get caught and busted down a rank.
    However I may be wrong. It wouldn´t be the first time.
    My strong advice to any in that bracket would be start planning on a civvy life straightaway. There cannot be many of them so the chance of individuals getting forced redundancy is going to be extremely high if not an absolute certainty.

    And personally, if they are in that bracket then why weren´t they got rid of sooner.
    Techs have a reputation to keep up ie fast promotion to wind up the black-hand trades.
    Any tech that fails in that has let down all of us that have gone through before him, and should be binned just for that.
    No respect nowadays from these young uns.