Tranche 1 redundancy

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Wiki_leeks, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. OK the DIN due out on Monday but is leaking like a seive and already out on the streets. Units have the list of those in the sights?? Are you one of them and who is going for it?
  2. Unit HR now have the lists of names and the DIN will be public on Monday, On RAOs desks there should be the notification letters ready to be issued on Monday.It is a bit like that song from the Mikado

    "As some day it may happen that reductions must to be found
    I've got a f**king big list, I've got a f**king big list

    And they'll none of them be missed, they'll none of them be missed"

    Seriously though if you receive the letter on Monday it ONLY means you are in the zone the % chance of compulsory redundancy is not that great.
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  3. I'm always in the zone :D

    But £76k+/- and £6.5k pa there after until 55 seems nice. In some ways I'd welcome redundancy, but on the other hand I know this is going to be hell of a wince from the pulling of the plaster...

    Perhaps that is why I am looking at the ACF, I like to say it is for the Cadets and what I can do for them. But I can't help feeling that I am going to feel slightly naked sans uniform.

    But. Fcuk it. I've done my bit. My hefty rack of medals proves that. And I do leave before the Queen's Diamond it wont cost be the better part of 50 notes to remount them... not to mention the minitures.
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  4. So Froggie are you going to volunteer?

    Discharge date 29-FEB-2012?
  5. I wont volunteer. I've been casting about for possible jobs but nothing as yet. By volunteering you only get 6 months to find a new job, relocate, move in to your house/find one and buy one, etc....

    In my present state that it is a bit of a rush. I'd prefer the 12 months alotted. On the other hand, should I be one of those lucky souls in the crosshairs, and thinks click in to place in the next month or so... you never know.

    Anyone know if you can apply for early discharge for either timeframe?

    Are you volunteering Paymaster?
  6. What you got, Froggie?
  7. Rhythm.

  8. There are chances leave early the details are in the DIN. Sadly my duty will to hand out those envelopes on Monday morning.
  9. And Froggie remember if you don't volunteer there is a very reasonable chance you won't get the bullet.
  10. That is one job I can say I don't really want to do... I think I'd rather lick the ablutions clean after someones grand slammed in them.

    I'd imagine a job so high on the shityo-meter, that only giving the news that you will be made redundant pips it to the post.
  11. People keep saying that, but most of the blokes I seem to be talking to either say they'll volunteer (but I think they may not) or say they wont volunteer...

    That and a fair few reckon that everyone made redundant will be back on FTRS/S type what ever it is called now adays before you can say 'sh1t, we need more blokes'.

    I am undecided at present, perhaps though in a month or so a way ahead will emerge from the mists of future intentions and lo, I will walk down that path.
  12. I'd imagine a job so high on the shityo-meter, that only giving the news that you will be made redundant pips it to the post."

    You've just described my 01-SEP-11 :-(

    Remember your hard copy application MUST be in by 31-MAY-11.
  13. Been chatting this morning about this. I missed the briefings last week.
    So do i have this right? Names in envelopes not like the way the RAF done it?
    Is there a window of getting out dates that should expect it? I'm not at my usual place of work on Monday, the CO better not come looking for me!
  14. Units have been issued with lists of names that APC believe fit the criteria for the various Ranks and trades, on Monday the the CoC/Unit HR should inform those individualsget them to acknowledge the notification and point them in the direction of the DIN which will be published on Monday. Annex A to the DIN shows all the fields of those who are in the zone and the numbers they need to make redundant.
    Volunteers leave 29-FEB-12
    Non Volunteers leave 31-AUG-12.
  15. How do we volunteer from the sandpit? (assuming my name's not on the list)