In the Tramshed just up from the station in Woolwich. Early 80's so the Fundation (Hale & Pace plus ...) are on stage doing their thing when one of the guys I'm drinking with suddenly hits the floor and does a good impresion of someone looking for a contact lens. I know he doesn't wear said lenses so I ask one of the other drinkers what's going on.

He says "see that big guy over there, looking for someone". I look over and it's easy to see who he means - hard as nails - but can't work out what that's got to do with Dave suddenly going blind.

"Well he's SAS"

As this is the 80's and the Hereford Gun Club ain't a literary agent's wet dream then, I say "How the hell can you know that - it's classified?".

"Simple - Dave's shagging his missus"!

(Name's changed to protect the guilty)
Nice one! sort of the one that got away that the SAS dont tell about.
It's difficult to be really funny when you're making gazillions of dosh - bit of a problem relating to the audience.

Remember Joe - the piano player? It was his show. He always started by playing something classical which somehow morphed/degenerated into some knees-up version of a kid's show theme tune.

H&P were pretty much third string as I remember - maybe that's because, like all the squaddies in the place, we all lusted after Vicki da Silver! Ah, sweet memories indeed.

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