Tramps up and down the country are going to start crying...


Is "Tramps" a new way of saying "served in the BAOR"?
There's going to be some wailing and gnashing of teeth from approx. 75% of the ARRSE membership.
Can you still buy meths in hardware shops?

A major shake-up is being proposed by brewing giants in a bid to get tough on the widespread social problems fuelled by super-strength beer, according to an new report.

For Carlsberg Special Brew is facing radical changes in the face of an industry crackdown on the alcohol which has been blamed for increased crime and anti-social behaviour around the UK.
Whatever fucking genius thought that bollox up needs the boot!
My tramp juice of choice.

8.2% abv. and most supermarkets do 3 for £5. Bargain ☺

ScreenHunter_77 Jan. 12 17.07.jpg
If they can't get strong larger or even stronger cyder, it will be off to 'Halfords" to nick containers of extra old antifreeze..!
Worry not... The tramps that currently buy 4 x 550ml cans of Speshul Brew will just switch to 6 x 450ml cans. Can't see any real problem for the tramps who won't care either way.

It could be argued that the government is making the poor buggers drink more rather less.
I wouldn't worry , between them , Peli and RGJ bloke must have the worlds biggest supply. The drunken cunts.
If they can't get strong larger or even stronger cyder, it will be off to 'Halfords" to nick containers of extra old antifreeze..!
The voice of experience there.


One of our Offies used to open at 7am and by then, there would be a queue of all the local alkies clutching there Social Services voucher for the first four tinnies of the day.
Well, reducing the amount of paracetamol you can buy at any one time has lowered the amount of paracetamol related suicides. Compulsory wearing of seatbelts has definitely saved a few lives. Perhaps governments and industry are justified in nanny state policies sometimes.
(and Carlsberg SB tastes like crap).


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The problem is not a few addled old tramps downing Special Brew with their benefit/begging money. They can be unsightly and unhygienic but the greater problem is drunken antics of young employed(mainly ) males on a night out. Perhaps a simpler solution is for the police to enforce sections 5.4a & 4 of The Criminal Justice Act 1967 covering drunk and disorderly behaviour. There is no problem of people being a bit drunk until they spoil a night out for others .Any thoughts?

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