Tram lines in kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Panoptes, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Quick question, is there any way of getting rid of tram lines in C95 trousers and shirts, without resorting to putting them in the bin and buying a new pair/shirt (I'm skint).


  2. You mean where you've ironed a crease in and the material has faded along that line?
  3. Er, yeah.

    Try washing them and then ironing from wet.

    Or just try ironing them lots.
  4. Aye thats what I mean, is thre any way of getting them out of the kit?
  5. clothing store you can try them.
  6. Aww well, I'm only a cadet so I won't be bollocked for it. Thanks anyway.

  7. Press them using a very damp cotton T-Towel or pillow case. Position between trousers and "dry" iron (no steam). Once the cloth has dried out, go over them again using brown paper in place of the T-Towel. An old long forgotten technique that was useful for Battle Dress. Good luck.
  8. Thanks TDS I'll see how that works and come back to you guys. Cheers.

  9. You could always get a spray bottle used for watering plants and use the mist setting and use that to iron them totally flat using loads of steam then re do it and put in the creases using the same method works for me
  10. Dont put creases in 95 trousers to start with. They look stupid
  11. Maybe in your eyes DS, while you are at it don't put polish on your boots :x
  12. Sorry DS, not only do I disagree with you, for some cadet competitions, where drill is invovled, it is nescessary to crease 95 kit as that is the only "drill" kit we have. Though in general I think, that creases do look good in 95 kit both trousers and shirts.

  13. Bollox... Totally different things. I dont put creases in 95 trousers as they look friggin stupid when you are in the same kit on ex...Barrack dress and denims, then creases all the way, but NOT 95 trousers
  14. at the end of the day trees dont have creases in do they.