Traitor MSPs to surrender Scotland to Queen Elizabeth

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Peter_Dow, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. The Guardian: Five Plaid Cymru members miss Queen's opening of Welsh assembly
    Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones cites family commitments while four others boycott visit of Queen

    Almost half of Plaid Cymru's assembly members were absent when the Queen officially opened the fourth Welsh national assembly on Tuesday.

    The leader of the nationalists, , stayed away because of "family commitments" while four of his party decided to actively boycott the visit by the Queen to the Senedd. Six other members did attend.

    Leanne Wood, the party's spokeswoman on housing and regeneration, said she would spend the day talking to businesses in Bridgend in south Wales about how they are coping with the economic downturn.

    In a blog headlined Boycotting Mrs Windsor, Wood said she supported the abolition of the monarchy. She argued: "In the modern Wales people should not be subjects, we should be citizens. The monarchy represents a hereditary class system which perpetuates inequality. The royals are an unaccountable, privileged elite. :nod:

    "The income they can expect to make from the crown estates land in Wales in future years is money that could be well used by the cash-strapped Welsh government. Since I want her gone, I'll be elsewhere when she comes to open our Senedd." :smooch:

    Queen to humiliate Scots on July 1st at Holyrood, Edinburgh

    I object to the worst enemy of the Scots, Queen Elizabeth, attending at any ceremony of the Scottish parliament and being invited to address the Scottish parliament as she intends to on July 1st 2011.

    The plans for the day were published on 20 March 2011 and all the signs are that these plans have not been changed significantly by the new parliament
    Scottish Parliament - News - Her Majesty the Queen to address new Parliament

    Elizabeth is going to be at Holyrood on July 1st so as to be seen to rub Scots' noses in the shite of her rule over Scotland.

    The Queen's ministers and the Queen's judges rule Scotland for the Queen's interests, not the Scots' interests and the Queen is turning up to Holyrood once again to accept the surrender of the new gang of elected members of parliament and I predict that once again, disgustingly, almost all MSPs will be happy to sell the Scots out for a seat in the Queen's presence, to show the world that they do sincerely intend to serve Elizabeth loyally in a Queen's parliament.

    So once again Holyrood is not going to be host to a real "Scottish" parliament for the Scots. Oh no, it is going to be another anti-Scottish, pro-Queen parliament.

    Every Member of the Scottish Parliament who attends that address of the Queen to parliament, who sits listening to the Queen like a loyal wee lackey is a traitor against the Scots and is betraying the Scots.

    We Scots are being sold out and betrayed by yet another parcel of rogues in a nation.

    The whole day of ceremony is to make fools of the Scots and to mock any notion of Scottish national independence whereby we Scots would elect our own head of state, a president of a Scottish republic.

    The Queen is there to say in effect -
    And the worst of it is this - the scum vermin MSPs who have lied their way into parliament will sit there quietly like wee mice and lap it up like the Queen's lap-dogs they are!

    This whole "opening ceremony" with the riding procession and live music is a royalist lackey farce which is designed to sweep Scots along, pretend to us that we Scots are allowed a fair say in our own government when in truth we are not.

    The say of Scots is daily denied by the Queen's police and courts and Holyrood is there to rubber-stamp the shutting up of most Scots while a few Scots at Holyrood have to say "we serve the Queen".

    The opening ceremony is to make fools of the Scots as once again the Queen is imposed upon Scotland as head of state.

    SNP bastard traitors!

    When this year the Holyrood parliament has a majority of SNP members and the SNP has no possible excuse for inviting the Queen, finally we can see just what liars the SNP are when they claim to support "Scottish independence". No they don't!

    The SNP support the Queen, not the Scots - they are bastard traitors to the Scots, they are simply more lackeys of the Queen!

    Oh the other parties represented are royalist lackey traitors too - Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, Green - we know that, we expect those parties not to support Scottish national independence and the right of Scots to elect our own head of state. We expect to be betrayed by the UK parties.

    However, the SNP have fooled the Scots. The SNP have pretended to be for Scottish national independence yet all along, the SNP only ever intended the Queen's rule to continue over Scotland with the Scots having no say and no nation state to defend us, only a Queen's kingdom to keep us in subjugation.

    Well the SNP have not fooled me. I am a wise Scottish republican and I can see the SNP for the royalist lackey traitors they really are!

    The Scots should open their eyes and see the real SNP for the traitors they really are on July 1st 2011.

    What is the alternative to rule of Scotland by Elizabeth?

    The Queen and her family should be banned from Scotland.

    The Scottish military should enforce that ban by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

    Instead of an imposed Queen, there should be a Scottish republic with Scots electing a president as head of state.

    MSPs - don't kid yourself!

    If there is any member of the Scottish parliament who has any shred of loyalty to the Scots then he or she should certainly boycott the address of the Queen at Holyrood.

    A boycott of the Queen is the least and perhaps the most a civilian can be expected to do.

    Attending on the Queen like a traitor but with crossed fingers, white roses or clenched fists will not make one bit of difference.

    A traitor sitting for the Queen with a white, red or any colour of rose or any flower at all is still a traitor.

    A traitor is a traitor is a traitor and I am telling Scots that we will know the traitors to us when they sit before the Queen because they sit before the Queen.

    MSPs! If you sit before the Queen or stand before the Queen with a kilt or in any Scottish fashion you are still seen as a traitor.

    MSPs! If you attend parliament before the Queen under any circumstances you are a traitor.

    MSPs! Don't kid yourself that you can save your honour by any item of clothing or adornment.

    Do not sit before the enemy Queen under any circumstance unless you want the label "traitor"!

    Don't kid yourself that you can say "Och I am only there for the music - 'am no caring about the Queen". You are a bastard traitor to the Scots if you sit there while the Queen addresses parliament. No ifs, no buts.

    The only patriotic Scots in Holyrood at the time the Queen is there should be Scottish military fighting to get that Queen out of Scotland and keep her out.

    I don't expect it this time but it would be nice one day if the Queen got assassinated for daring to impose herself on Scotland. Nice but I am not holding my breath for that happening any time soon.

    If one day the Scottish military do finally decide to open fire on the Queen and family then we don't want any civilian Scots hurt. So it would be a good habit for civilians to stay well clear whenever the Queen turns up to lord it over us.

    The For Freedom Forums, Forums for robust political debate, inspired by Scots, open to all -
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  2. Another one for the ignore list. Still looking for a girlfriend?
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  3. LancePrivateJones

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    Why the fuck do you think that we might find this interesting Peter?

    If you can answer this directly without giving me a tangential dissertation I may give you a 'like'.
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    Oh dear lordy.

    Actually, balls to it. Unlocked again to see what further drivel can be elicited from the Dowinator.
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  5. You knew you really wanted to anyway.

    Hey Peter how much have you screwed out of the system this week?
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    Could a move to the NAAFI be arranged to expedite abuse etc?
  7. Are you not dead yet?

    Maybe it was just a blissful dream. Shame.
  8. That's no way to talk to Sixty!
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    What Scottish military?
  10. That was a party political broadcast (rant) on behalf of the Scottish Monster Raving Looney Nationalist Party

    No, wait a minute, with that cap & uniform, it looks like Ratco Mladic has escaped from the Hague & has embarked on his next campaign of ethnic cleansing.

    However, having now watched the man`s video, 100% respect for having the nerve & the balls to protest like that.
  11. All hail Edward Longshanks, the greatest Brit that ever lived!
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  12. Who turned the mong-magnet back on?
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  13. Is this guy one of the acts that didn't make the final on Britain's Got Talent?
    A Bell-end of the highest order.
  14. ThatsNice.jpg

    Even the convicts down under don't make as much fuss about having a queen as head of state as Peter Downs does. :?
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