Discussion in 'Gunners' started by pREgeo, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Hey guy,

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the training sylibus(sp). I'm going Special Observer would like to know the the scedual for it( like what is it exactly I'd be doing for Phase 2) and I've seen the modules for th patrols course but I'd like to know what it is that they entail i.e Advanced Field Firing, I know its becoming more proficient with the SA80a2 but how, if you get me? also how does the escape and evasion work, will there be a test on it( like with the UKSF) or is it more just being told ect...

    PS I heard that Pirbright is near Deepcut, is this true and are the rumours true about the deaths?
  2. What rumours are you on about then, the ones reported in the press already? How much is the Sun paying you for the answer to this?

    Regardless, I think you would be better getting the Phase 1 hurdle out of the way first, before you confuse yourself wth anything afterwards. You have an idea of what is coming, that will do you until you get there. I didn't have a copy of all my instructors lesson plans before I arrived at phase 2, and I, just like everybody else, coped just fine.
  3. Lol not with the Sun, was just conserned about it. Am going there you see mate on the 7th, and I'm just wanting to know
  4. Concerned about some suicides from 5 years ago? That have been investigated in 2 public enquiries...

    Phase 1 is at Pirbright, which is about 2 miles from Deepcut. You don't need to worry about what you read in the papers and if you do maybe you're about to join the wrong career. I certainly wouldn't be aspiring to 4/73 Bty if you get spooked by a story in the Daily Junk.

    Once you complete your Phase 1 at Pirbright (your "Basic Training"), you will move to Larkhill and conduct your Phase 2 training. This is now a common syllabus, regardless of trade. you will get your driving licence (unless you already have it) and your Level 1 qualification in Communications type stuff.

    If you are still a Special OP volunteer at this stage, you will go to 5 Regt and start the Selection process, which I know nothing about.

    Good luck with Pirbright, they don't bite, don't worry and PM me if you have any genuine concerns (if you like).
  5. No mate, no real conserns lol, just more a curiosity. I like to know am much as I can so thought I'd ask. I didn't read it my bro told me about it, but said they were alledged(sp) suicides and that the place wasn't good to go to, I thought he was pulling my leg and he was:) but like I said just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks mate:)
  6. I that case you're ok - you're not going to Deepcut! (unless you join the RLC and then you might not be a happy bunny any way...)