Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smoggy_mfc, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. how many reps do you have to do to pass selection e.g. how many press-ups, chin-ups etc ?
  2. A lad on ours got away with 6-7, aim for 10 you will be ok
  3. I have heard of people passing with not even been able to do any.
  4. hi im new to this site joined today ive passed my interview and that will be goin to glencourse soon i jus want to no what is expected of me i no the 1.5 mile run but wot else any help would be great cheers matt.
  6. a lad on my ADSC got away with 3.........
  7. Which interview mate 1st 2nd? The recruiter should give you times expected of you. Which Corps do you want to join?
  8. You dont get tested on press-ups or sit-ups at the ADSC.
    Regarding pull-ups i would try and aim for 6+.
  9. jus my first interview mate hopefully joining royal artillery my first choice was gunner special observer but from what ive heard the training is really hard!!
  10. The harder it is the better the reward.
  11. yer your right im guna give it all my all
  12. am i also right in thinking that during my 2days at glencourse there is a test session based on maths like gsce maths questions. i was shown this on a dvd at the army careers office. any info on this would be appreicated cheers