Im trying to get fit for selection, i always have the urge to go running everyday but realise id only end up over training. So i do it every other day, usually about 4 miles in intervals, the first mile is a mixture of walk/run as a warm up then i run the next mile in halves with 10 seconds to catch my breath inbetween each half, after that i run and time 1.5 miles, with half a mile walk/jog cool down after.

But iv decided to train two days at a time, but cutting back to two miles straight running, then adding a quarter/half mile each week (i still dont have an RSC date although its been 3 weeks since i handed my GP documents in). Would this lead to over training? The Armyfit site says leave a day between each session, but i dont feel like im doing my best to achieve a better time on my 1.5 by doing that (im currently doing it on average 10.50 to 11 minutes).

help and opinions would be great. Thanks.
I believe to train effectively you need to split up each session, so you work on different sets of exercises each day, I tend to run 3 times per week with hill sprinting during those days(Monday, Wed, Fri), and the other 2 days(Tues,Sat) I work on other areas, such as Plyometric exercises to develop explosive power.

2 days a week I train twice a day, so morning, then evening, with 2 days off per week, usually Thursdays and Sundays, so basically I'm working out 5 days a week with 2 days as a day off.

It all depends on your fitness levels I think, but you improve during the rest, maybe I should have an extra day off, but at the moment it seems to be working for me, try not to be too hard on yourself as this can lead to overtraining.

Workout 4 - 5 days a week, doing different sets of exercises, NOT just running ;) with 2 - 3 days per week which is used for rest and scoff :)

I would say workout harder a good 8 weeks before your RSC then the last week, stop all the long distance running(helps recovery) and just focus on Plyometrics, sprints etc...

sort out a decent diet plan!
Thanks for the advice, i guess i could work on upper body strength aswell, but as you say, you improve on the rest days, does that mean you shouldnt do other forms of exercise during that time? So if you take running and Weight lifting, whilst doing one is your body resting from the other?
Upper body strength is a must!

visit '' this is crammed with decent advice on what exercises to do, join the forums and post away.

you should usually rest completely, so dont do any other forms of exercise during your rest days, although try to stay fairly active so your not just sitting on ya arrse all day ;) bu yeh, use your 'days off' for eating and drinking well!
If your training that much and your run time is still that theres something wrong.

To be honest, I didnt do any training before selection and before phase 1 (i know, im stupid) and my initial RMT's were mid 9 minutes.
I havnt started the 2 mile straight runs yet, just been doing intervals and adding to it every week.

Iv been doing the 4 mile stretch one for the last two weeks, i feel like my legs are much stronger but i still cant do the full two miles without being real out of breath.

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