Discussion in 'RAC' started by george163, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. A mates eldest has decided he wants to join one of the RAC regiments (no preference yet) and has asked me a few questions about training eg where is it carried out, how long does it last? Problem is I've been out too long and have no idea about what happens now.
    I'd be grateful if someone could give me a rough run down.
  2. Phase 1 is 14 weeks and at winchester or pirbright if your joining HCAV

    Phase 2 is 12 weeks and at bovington
  3. You may find that you will be at Bovington a little longer than 12 weeks. Best get there during the summer .Its great all the holiday makers at Weymouth and Bournemouth make Phase 2 Training great.
  4. isn`t phase two 17 weeks??
  5. On paper it is, However you have to take into account that courses dont always follow each other.So after your Phase 1 sigs you may have to wait to start your D+M. Even then if you have lads that dont have there car license ,well you have to wait for them . Its no real drama as Bovvy is hardly a beasting and the DS will keep you busy with half decent training and a few jollies. No to intakes are the same , some pass through bovvy in quick time and others hang around for a while.
  6. Thanks a lot lads, I'll pass this on.
    I take it Phase 1 is drill, fitness etc and Phase 2 is trade training?
  7. Yeah, Phase 1 is all about turning you from a lazy ass civvie into a 'soldier'. Phase 2 is normally down to business and about getting you trained. I say that, but recently it's been pretty crap here with phase 1 rules creeping into place for us. But generally it's much better than phase 1 and I like it a lot.

    I've also been lucky with my courses and I'm looking to be out of here in another 9 weeks or so, I've just done 7 so that's pretty quick. Some guys have been here many months and just waiting for courses.
  8. Has the nasty Sgt been shouty wouty at you?
  9. atleast you don't have a phsyco PARA SGT !
  10. Haha, nothing of the sort, I'm doing alright and have had no trouble. But some of lads have been messing it up for the rest of us and we are getting treated like Phase 1 recruits thanks to these guys.
  11. What goes around, comes around...
  12. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I knew one lad that spent seven months at Bovington, because there were no spaced on the Cat B course.

    However, as said above, when I was in Bovvie many moons ago, 'twas indeed Summer, and my god. Weymouth. What a place. Sand up my arse and a whore on my bellend. Harrys School of Dance with £1 bottles and 50p women. The British Legion down the Cove with no discernible closing time:
    "When do you shut mate?"
    "Whenever you two stop drinking."
    I met many fine young phillies down there, and had an amazing time. The DS were brilliant guys, and it was just a non-stop laugh. Tell your mate to make sure he gets on that train every weekend with some of the boys and goes out to the big towns nearby, such as Poole, Weymouth, Bournemouthh, etcetc. Make the most of it, and NEVER accept an offer of a floor to sleep on from a girl that is missing one of her front teeth, shoulder length black hair, and lives opposite the beach at Weymouth.
    You may never make it out alive...


    Fond memories. *Sigh*

    [EDIT] Another thing - Don't waste your time on any of the cheap little sluts that hang around outside the Spar next to the camp. Really, you've got the entire south coast to shag. Set your sights higher.
    Oh, and if you want to meet some luuuvly girls, get down the RAC Saddle Club and help out of a weekend. Some really nice, intelligent, sexy young girls down there. :D

    (As you can see, my time there served more to meeting girls and getting my end away than doing anything army-ish)