Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Radders_11, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi, i'm starting basic on the 7th august at lichfield. The training i've been doing is

    4x30min runs a week and a 40min swim and i've also been doin the sit ups and press ups, I intend to do alot more nearer the time, but

    i just wondered how much training other people have been doing or done before they started basic, did they do more or less than what i've been doing and do they regret not doing enough??

    Any replies helpful

  2. You definately sound like you are doing well, and you'll find it a great help when you do go. No need to over do it though, but any headstart with your fitness will certainly make you glad you bothered.

    As for me...err.
  3. Well done radders, I think sticking with your present programme should see you through, don't overdo it now and crock yourselve before getting to Lichfield. Good luck.
  4. Yeah, stick with that. Thats what the RSC gave you to do isnt it? They dont want you to peak too soon.
  5. 4 x 30 minute runs a week, a 40 minute swim and upper body work, believe me Radders, you will be top third of all recruits during basic if you keep this up. You'll be surprised how many recruits turn up with no level of fitness (other than living and breathing). Well done chap.
  6. cheers fellas. i just been doing what it says in the book they gave me, i thought i was doing too little and thought there would be loads of people doing a lot more lol
  7. You never mentioned any books Radders. In that case you're not doing enough/doing too much. :D
  8. Basic trg is progressive and builds you from that point.
  9. I thought it would be progressive i just dont wanna go in and then injur myself or not be able to keep up. Yea they gave me a book when i got me certificate and it had an example training program so i just used that lol
  10. Book? You mean you can bloody read as well, Christ! You will be the fittest officer they have ever had.
  11. Being fit helps you enjoy the basic a lot more mate. Helps you keep your sense of humour as well.
  12. now i didnt say i could read there were just loads of pictures lol Yea i cant wait to get there and start theres alot of waiting around in the applying part of it
  13. Well im still WAITING for my certificate and joining instructions, dates etc even tho i passed my RSC at lichfield about 4 weeks ago. Waiting while unemployed is not funny.
    Im doing 4 3 mile runs and 2 circuits a week and the 3 mile runs dont last 40 minutes so your probobly doing more than i am lol. damn...
  14. I knew you were a bloody bullshitter :D
  15. Well u've gotta be a good bullshitter to make it through this life lol :D