This sounds like a really stupid question but i need to know.

Right i have seen a few pictures of people at basic training. And some of the recruits have NCO slides on.
But they are not actual slides. Well they don't seem it. The chevrons are higher up.

Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me on what this is about?
Having not seen the picture, but I am guessing it's a local rank (with no extra pay) like a class leader and the soldier wearing it acts as a focal point for admin/orders etc passed down from the training staff.
Are you certain the pictures were soldiers on basic training and not cadets of some sort?
I posted the same thing in a British Army facebook group and got this:

Jnr soldiers can earn Jnr rank in training, this is to give them responsibility and to reward hard work for those that show leadership qualities. This rank holds no meaning outside a Jnr training Regiment and is not paid. You loose any Jnr rank after you complete Jnr training.

Answered my question :p

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