Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by fusilier89, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently part way through the application process, the doctors have got my medical forms and all that so i'm just waiting for them to finish then.
    I'm looking at joining either the Fusiliers, or the 1st Battalion the Rifles.
    At the minute I am going on a run 6 days a week, varying distances, but because of years of inactivity and ******* around in my youth I had to start from scratch, so my 1.5 mile run time is around 11.30/11.45 at the minute.
    I'm doing 100 press ups and 100 sit ups a day - Press ups are a piece of piss, Sit ups kill my back after about 20/25, but I can manage about 35 before I can't do anymore, and have to rest, but I can still manage 50/55 inside 2 minutes.
    I was speaking to a Major in the Rifles yesterday whohas been in the army 33 years and was giving me some advice, and one of those was go out walking, especially if I can get on rough hilly ground and put some weight on my back...

    So I have a couple of questions:

    1, Will the sit ups be a problem? I can do 50 inside 2 minutes, but I HAVE to stop halfway, because physically my back will not let me do anymore without rest.
    2, I brought myself a decent sized hiking rucksack to go out walking with, and I've got myself a 20kg bag of sand to put in it. I went out for 10 minutes earlier with it on to see how comfortable it was and when I got back and took it off my right shoulder and right side of my neck were in a fair amount of pain, so is that normal for the first time with weight on? Or is it maybe too weighted on one side?
    Also, this sounds silly, but because of its size, it's pretty much impossible to walk upright with it on, so 1, Is it normal to walk with my head and down and my back a little arched? and 2, Is there a big risk of injury doing what I am doing? Or should I take a little weight out? How the hell some people can walk with 100+lbs on their backs for hours is beyond me!

    Sorry for the long post, and any advice is appreciated.
  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Fusilier89 - First things first congratulations on picking a decent capbadge as a username, I hope the application goes through okay and you end up where you want to.

    A word of caution - it has been said many times on here but don't carry too much weight too quickly. I'd start of with a low amount and build up from there. Even carrying 5 -10 pounds over a long distance can do you much better at first than smashing yourself and picking up an injury. Make the weight up with useful items, like a sleeping bag, food and water rather than dead weight. I'd suggest that running, swimming and carrying on with your circuits would help you more at this stage.

    On the PFT you are allowed to rest in the 2 minutes, but don't aim for the basemark - aim to smash out as many as you can.
  3. Cheers.
    I was going to start swimming next week anyway so that's good.
    I will take your advice and not take that much weight, start small and build up yes?
    And yeah I am trying to smash out as many as I can as I'd imagine it would look alot better, aswell as making me fitter and stronger.
    One other thing, is it worth toning my biceps? My triceps are solid because I do press ups and tricep dips, but my biceps could do with some work. If it is worth it, what would you recommend as to be the best/easiest way of doing this. Again, I appreciate all of the advice.
  4. Posting on here at half 9 on a friday evening, can't even see you getting through selection. :lol: :lol:
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

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  8. Oh give the young fella a break!

    I was advised not to do any weight carrying exercise before phase 1, getting pain in your neck is a very bad sign, Id stop immediately. You will be trained to TAB and carry weight properly in plently of time at ITC, theres absolutly no point in trying to get a head start. Concentrate on your other phys, Im an overwheight cnut and can still manage 50 sit-ups in one go, practice, practice, practice!
  9. wah tin hat on.

    You don't want to be running every day, you need to allow time for you body to rest and recover. Diet here is as important as excerise, packing in the carbs so you don't loose weight and protiens as they help repair muscle.

    1.5 miles is the shortest distance you will ever run in the army and even before hand you will get a 'warm up'. On the day you will easily knock 30secs of that than what you are running it at home as you have a pack of people to chase.

    The sit ups might be a problem, more so, if they still have the sit up test to bleeps(anyone??) I personally found that quite hard. If you back is hurting it's more than likely muscles being used that you haven't for a while!!! so your going to need to strenghten that as well. Reverse situps where you lie on you belly and lift your chest off the floor are good for this as is the plank, where you rest on your elbows and side planks. You looking at strenghtening your core which is lower back and abs!!!!!

    Make sure your press ups are proper full ones, the test is each one is counted when your chest hits the counters fist!!!! if you cheat your self now you'll just look silly on the day. Try and some pressup handles/bar. These raise your hands of the floor by 6" or so, but allow you to go deeper.

    Forget the weight really, you can never be fit enough when you join, and if you start running with weight now before your body can handle it you'll injure your self and you don't want that. Just vary your running from roads, grass, hills etc.

    You didn't mention pull ups!!!! again part of the test and one which alot of people struggle on, me included!!!! you can buy pull up bars for door ways but never had much faith in them, but you do need to find somewhere that will support you weight and start doing them!!

    by doing all those four exercises, running, sit ups/reverse situps, pressups and pull ups your giving your body a bloody good workout and hitting virtually every muscle group!!! press up's alone do your entire up body!!!

    Good luck with the training and don't forget to stretch and warmup :p

    wah tin hat off
  10. No its not, that doesnt happen in a PFT.
  11. cool, ok. Been a while since I've done one, so happy to take on board where I might have gone wrong... guessing that test still exists though??
  12. Yeah, PFT is 44 Press ups in two minutes, 50 sit ups and 1.5mile in 10:30 for under 30's.
  13. hold on, slightly confused here. They have the press ups, which I thought, but they don't have someone accounting for each one??
  14. Its done in pairs, 1 counts while the other does their reps. Hands shoulder height triceps at at 90 degrees then full extension of the arms etc...

    Theres no gay ******* action.......
  15. Im sure subtig is pretty bummed by the thought of that ;-)