Discussion in 'Officers' started by mountain_legend, May 20, 2009.

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  1. what kind of jobs have people managed to get for their training year, apart from the obvious (ATR, 2nd Tour troopy, Recruiting)
  2. You may wish to explain what you mean by a Training Year Job.
  3. Training year - the year after your first tour troop commander, e.g. your first captains post lasting 1 year usually in an ATR, however there are many alternatives.
  4. Call me a bluff, old fashioned traditionalist, but why don't you just ring your Desk and ask what's out there?
  5. Never (in nearly 20 years) heard it called a training year - but perhaps its different in your unit/corps.
    It's not your desk officer you should be ringing as TheCheerfulSubbie suggests (although he is normally spot on about these things). You have been out of Sandhurst for 2 years, and because you are a graduate you have been promoted early to Capt (all of the above I assume from your post). You belong to your current Regt/Bn/Unit. You should be having a conversation with your current OC/Adjt/CO and probably in that order. If you have impressed your OC then he will support a move to a job which interests you and this will in turn get the Adjt/CO onside. You are too junior to go to RMAS/Brecon etc so I would recommend that you consider the merits of Sp Pl Comd (if you are in the Inf/Cav. I am sorry to seem a bit negative but you don't come across well in these posts. Probably my mistake.
  6. cheers guys, another great use of forums....I don't know how this thing still runs when all you guys use it for is to correct people, make fun and still not answer the questions.
  7. M-L

    I don't think you were being laughed at nor were people not answering - everyone is trying to help you with the question. Don't quite know what you are after then. The answer is to speak to your OC/Adjt/CO. If you don't have their support or buy in then all the little schemes that you have planned or the fantastic job that you reckon you should be doing next will never happen. Speak to those people in your CoC and from that they can then advise you what to do next. Maybe you have already got that thumbs up in which case ask your mates in the Mess what they would recommend. Ultimately there are loads of people around you who could answer this question - why turn to the internet?
  8. With a grand total of 16 posts behind you, of which 7 were questions, just exactly how have you managed to contribute to these fora?

    I've never heard it referred to as a training year either. The advice is good; use your CoC.

  9. The advice is good and correct, however it does not answer the question. I know how to go about finding out what ones are out there.

    I am asking what ones people had!
  10. which... which ones... not what ones

    I have deliberately not used a smiley!

    Herewith follows a list which anyone with any imagination might have managed to pull together for themselves... for a second tour as a YO:

    SAS Tp Comd, Coy 2IC, Sp Pl Comd, ATR Tp Comd, ITC Pl Comd, AFC Tp Comd, IO, RSO, ADC.

    You might wish to pay attention to the terminology in order that you do not create confusion.

    You can find out all about second tours as a YO in the OCDH
  11. M-L

    The other posters are a little frustrated that you are coming here as a first port of call. Sadly the Army has deemed you worthy of three pips after 5 mins in the Army and therefore you should be able to aquit yourself with the experience and get up and go that three pips should attract. RANT OVER

    There are a plethora of jobs not limited to the following:

    Adv Trg Centre Officer
    Independant Coy Pl Comd (possibly 2IC)
    Sp or specialist Pl Comds
    2nd tour as a troopie (sounds like it could be beneficial to you - no offence meant)
    Junior Equiry to minor Royalty
    Certain public school Adjutants such as Eton

    Or you could consider actually going to a training establishment and investing in our most precious raw material - recruits.
  12. Gosh, things have changed, maybe I was just a thickie SMC punter but I had a two year stint at a Depot after nearly three years as a Platoon Commander, can i suggest you stick near the troops for as long as possible because your days with them are in my experience the best and happiest you will have.
  13. Training year?

    The only folk i knew asking questions like that had an expectation of seniority which would put there reckonable service start date at the age of twelve. They believe themselves to be in credit to the system somehow after two rather hapless years screwing up the careers of the people we serve/served. "sir, sir i should be on the fast track to field marshal because i spent 3 years getting pissed and learning macramé and modern dance for retard therapy at one of the nations finest educational establishments"

    Synical non grad chapt 21 verse 3
  14. I too pray at the same alter and have rarely heard it put better.
  15. Aren't ATR Tp Cdrs covered by WO1s now?