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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Fishsoxs, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. I am off for a fortnights battle camp with the Regular army soon and was wondering:

    1. What are their take on Lowas - can I wear mine, as I do at the moment, all of the time or will they be only allowed in the field.

    2. What sort of reception will we receive (we are providing nearly a platoon strength), ie getting fcuked about because we are TA or have things moved on from that?

    3. Apart from the softy jacket and sleeping bag, am i right in thinking travel and carry light - its only 2 weeks??

    Answers and advice from any Regs who have served with the TA would be appreciated. Prepared for the incoming ...
  2. 1. I dont know what the fcuk your on about

    2. You'll will be seen as the part-timers, you know the STAB's.
    so they'll probably take you round back and kick your back-doors in.

    3. You probably are right in thinking that
  3. They will see your Lowa Boot's and think "this c*nt think's he's tasty" which mean's they will also think that your trying to belittle them by wearing ally kit,so on that note they will throw all the fast ball's your way to see wheather you can act the part aswell as looking the part ! :D
  4. Thanks for that.

    I guess the comfy comfy lowas stay at home then.

  5. Take them and wear them, then take all the fast balls and handle them, then take them round the back and kick the're back doors in with your ally Lowas.....
  6. That is class. Probably my funniest moment on arrse.
  7. 1. What's the regular army's take on Lowa's? There are one or two of them so it might well vary.

    2. It really depends how you put yourself accross. When we annihilated the PWRR on their Iraq pretraining in Canada, they treated us with respect.

    3. Surely it's the same as any other camp?
  8. Found out on the training weekend they are TA too and adore drinking - so happy days! :lol:
  9. When you say battle camp if you mean your TA basic training which is held at an ATR. you will only be allowed to wear issue kit same as reg basic training.
  10. WHAT are you lot on ? Our troop is part of a reg Sqn , When youre in green skin there aint no difference, TA , Reg , who care who drives or mekes the brews ! As for kit , if it´s comfy wear it , ( as long as it ´s dpm , black etc . ), we go every year with the regs to Poland , and guess what , there useless