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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spartan300, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Are glasses a pain during basic training? What about wearing contacts or do they fall out during training. Also I want to get laser eye treatment and was wondering when the best time was to do it. I know not to do it before I join so when should I do it straight after basic training or wait for few months or a year or two.
  2. Why do you feel the need for laser eye surgery - it's still not considered a good idea by the military, for a start. Their was a topic like this in the infantry section of ARRSE, may be worth a look. The consensus seemed to be that contacts were the way to go (NOT IN THE NBC CHAMBER!) on exercise etc. due to their ease.
  3. I want laser eye treatment because I have worn glasses since I was a kid and I have always hated them. I also think it will make life in the army easier not having to wear glasses because they may constantly fall off during certain parts of training and if they broke I would be screwed and not be able to see properly.
  4. wait a few years before you consider getting that mate. Glasses suited me in training and people have fought wars wearing glasses. Instead, consider this:

    Get two pairs of glasses - from a website like you can get a pair for £15 - at that price you can afford two or three pairs to last you through training. And if you'll also get issued a decent pair, too. I think they're designed by Versace... or Timmy Mallet.

    And if you're that vain about wearing glasses - consider looking into getting 30 day and night contacts - you'll only have to worry about putting them in once a month, then.

    Good Luck!
  5. It's not that i'm vain about my glasses it's just that to me they are a life line because without them i can't see. I mean i can be about a little over 1/2 foot in front off the computer screen and that is how close i have to be to see the words without my glasses. I just feel to not have to wear my glasses would be very benificial. Because I would no longer have to worry about them. But I guess contacts are a good solution to. Are there any problems with contacts i mean can they fall out.

    Try looking here, these gents seem to think contacts will be ok, and from what I know of my active friends who use them, they aren't prone to falling out! :D
  7. Top Tip, take your own pair(s) for your own time but depending on which training depot you go to you will have to wear the "Quality" issued ones which look like the leftovers from the Ful Metal Jacket Prop Room
  8. How old are you - your eyes are not fully developed until you reach 25 ish so "laser" treatment before this time would be pointless. As for contacts, when you get to hot sandy places they can be a health risk. Stick with the gigs, I know plenty who wear them with no dramas
  9. Have a line on the bridge of my nose and a mate asked what caused it so "glasses" i repied. "Why not try contact lenses then" "They don't hold enough beer!!" (Think about it by draining a pint glass....... ahhh.)

    As for glasses wore them all my army life. Buy cheap plastic lenses in cheap metal frames, ask your optician for some spare screws and buy a repair kit/screwdriver. As for falling off just buy a black head band that slips over the arms, again most opticians and sunglass shops sell these. Last thing is a strong case so as when your in your maggot some lard arrse doesn't step on them when its your time to go on stag.
  10. 8) Take care Laser is not the be and end all. Boots and other laser surgery are nearly all done by doctors who are only G.P.s not EYE SURGEONS, never get eye word done by QUACKS only by top people may cost more you dont get a new eye if if gets stuffed up SO GET A SECOND OPINION. read up on it all its on the net if you search. Many soldiers use glasses, and you could get contact lenses. if you wanted to as well as your glasses. BUT DONT LET ANYBODY THATS ANYBODY WHO IS NOT A OPHTHALMIC SURGEON. Work on you eyes, i know i have been can check out the OPTHALMIC SURGEONS qualifications have a word with your G.P. Double check before you leap, lots of laser work is done for profit, and bodge jobs abound 8)
  11. Thanks guys I might start looking into contacts seems like a good idea.
  12. If you get contact lenses remember to not wear them around gas, as I have done some reading and found if you wear them around gas it gets behind the lense and stays there and burns your eye and causes blindness, so even if you do wear contact lenses make sure you take a pair of glasses.
  13. Call me old fashioned but the concept of having bits of my cornea blasted with a laser by some unknown plonker or plonkette just does not appeal

    Find daily disposables best as I seem to have a problem with protein build up which made monthly soft contact lenses quite uncomfortable even with cleaning.

    Stick the things in and then bin them! That is my idea of contact lens care but if they do get a bit gritty can take them out and rinse with a bit of saline or just use saline as eye drops. And if it is really bad just use a new pair.

    I use 1 Day Acuvue lenses which have a high water content and so are really easy to wear. Works out about £1 per day.

    Can do most things with them in but on the gas topic, remember that extends to swimming pool chlorine!
  14. What about this -

    Bolle make really tough safely glasses that you can put lenses into. The p!ss taking potential is sky high tho....
  15. All about the Army Issue glasses, there ******* gleaming! Couldnt be more attractive if they tried.

    But they are indistructable!!!!!!

    If I were you I would just take contacts.

    On another note, my mate wore contacts in the chamber and never had no side effects.