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What are the health pros and cons of drinking energy drinks before a work out or a run?

Obviously you'll be able to push yourself further with all that sugar bouncing round your system but are there any other side effects?



before a work out, i couldnt tell you. but before running you dont really wanna be drinkin anything or eating. hydrate yourself bout half hour prior to running, but if you drink just before or during a run, i find it gives me a stitch. then when you done your run, you can go home and rehydrate yourself.

thats in my experience anyways


drink a few litres of water during the day and take a bottle of lucozade in the gym with you and have a few sips every 10 mins or so, I tend not drink right before a run or take a drink with me i just neck a load of water when i get back even if i don't feel thirsty.

Another bit of advice is buy some effervescent vit c tabs from the chemist
there about 99p and drop one in some water after you've exercised, this keeps your immune system in check as it is proven that your more at risk of getting colds and stuff after exercise.
Read an article lately that stated that recent studies have shown no benefit from energy drinks compared to water if your exercise session was no more than about an hours duration of moderate to high intensity. Even after this it was minimal. As with many on this forum I have trained for years & would consider myself relatively fit, energy drinks have there place but are by no means essential to improve performance.


As others have said ditch the energy drinks they do nothing except drop your bank balance.

Plenty of water before and after exercise does the trick and eat a banana about half an hour before exercise especially before a run as it helps to stop you getting cramp


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Ronnie8781 said:
What type of energy drinks are you talking about? Lucozade or more specialist stuff?

Red bull and the like.

I've found that a can before a weights session or a long run helps me keep going longer than I normally would or should.
Just wanna make sure I'm not ragging my heart too much.


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How come?


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Rogue_Entity said:
I would guess it may be because the PTI's aren't going to hand you a can of red bull half way along your run...

Pah! I don't need redbull to run a BFT/PFT/BPFA/latest name!! The redbull is for training which takes over an hour.
I usually do a marathon or two a year and when I up the mileage to stupid levels I use a lot of this stuff:

The only one I find hard to stomach is the PSP 22, always make me feel bloated but the GO I use quite a lot and the REGO when I've done a 90 min or over run. Works for me.
Ive heard that Red Bull is actually banned in some countries due to its high caffeine content. A friend of mine who was an ECG technition told me that doctors say that it it is really bad for the heart. Personally, as someone who has done lots of training over the years, I would say stick to water before and after. If you are doing weights then a decent protein shake wouldn't go amiss afterwards though. When it comes to running, i wouldnt drink anything less than hour before starting and upon finishing gradually re-hydrate yourself with sips of water rather than gulping it down.


For what it is worth I have seen a recruit collapse on a CFT and end up being rushed into hospital. It turned out he had drunk 4 or 5 cans of Red Bull prior to PT and screwed his body up.

I concure with Mag_to_Grid - drink water, it is cheap and it works.

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