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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Hot-Crumpet, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. I've just read in another thread that my local TA unit (4 YORKS) runs training as a two week block followed by two weeks doing the CIC. This would be ideal for me as I'm currently unemployed. For starters, if anyone could confirm this that'd be grand.

    Also, I'm going to university bloody ages away in September. Would 4 YORKS be averse to training me since I'll be buggering off to the South West? Or would they just be pleased to be getting more into the TA? I've just got no idea how the recruitment/training system works, I'd just like to get as much of it done as possible before I go away, so I can throw myself into it in September. Cheers for reading.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go along and ask.

  3. Fair one! Will do.
  5. What he REALLY meant...
  6. Given your username; are you female?
  7. No I'm not. It's a stupid name. As in take a hot crumpet from behind, not as in thinking man's crumpet. Don't ask me why I chose it, I think I have some personal issues.
  8. It was me who posted about 4 Yorks. It's defo the case that they are changing to 2 weekers for phase 1. I'm flaming gutted that they have ditched the weekends but for someone in your position it's great as you can be trained up in no-time!! You could well be in the sandpit before you ever get you Uni in September. :D
  9. Yeah it sounds like exactly the right thing for me! Obviously it's no good for people who are full time employed though.

    I've sent the recruiting people an email asking the things I asked here, and I'll probably go up on their next drill night.
  10. The WO2 in charge of recruiting is a cracking bloke. He will look after you. Good luck - 4 Yorks is the future!! Wish i was joining you.
  11. I'd check that, to be honest. Does not sound right to me.
  12. It really is the case. I've been in and spoken to the recruiting team. The CO has made the change. He was concerned about the amount of time it was taking recruits to get through 9 weekends. I'm in contact with the WO2 and he says he will let me know if there is a change back. It's only 4 Yorks where this is happening.

    One lad is halfway through his mods but will now not be able to finish them. It's either the 2 weeks for him or he will have to chuck it or find another unit. It's just daft in my opinion.

    I think they will struggle to recruit working people.
  13. I also can confirm that the weekends are being ditched. We had a brief on this about two weeks ago. Everyone that joins from now will have to go through the 2 weeks cadre. Then you do another 2 weeks CIC (maybe with a refresher weekend if there is a long gap between these courses). Once you have done the initial 2 weeks cadre you can go on company weekends to fill up your time.

    So theoretically it can be 3 years for anyone not infantry in 4 Yorks- two weeks from each holiday year for recruit training, CMSR and then your 2-week trade course. What a joke! Not great for those employed.

    You can therefore be trained before you go to uni, but remember that transfer is a real hassle. You can still stay on and continue through your holidays, or transfer to wherever. But you will not be able to mix and match remember!

  14. Not really likely. :)
  15. Careful how you raise this issue...but Recruit / SUT Training is not actually done by your CO ( do you mean OC - your units Major? ) and its not his responsibility. If he is concerned about the time it takes tio get SUTs through the 9 weekends, he'll faint when he realises that there may only be one two-week course a year, and if the RTC do not get the staff to run it, they'll bin it. I wonder how many DS your unit send tio the RTC, as well?

    You are entirely correct with your comment about getting in people with jobs; I was discussing that very issue on tuesday, the people that can do loads of weeks in a year are often students or the unemployed who are after some easy cash.

    Very, very short sighted decision IMO.